How To Ease Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

How To Ease Leg Cramps During PregnancyThe topic we are going to discuss today will definitely solve your problem too. It is really painful for one to wake from deep sleep due to sudden leg cramp. During pregnancy leg cramp is a common affair that the pregnant lady faces at night.

You are suffering the same! Lack ofpotassium or calcium in the body of a pregnant lady often cause agonizing leg cramp. It can also happen due to continuous gaining of weight during pregnancy.

What is a Leg Cramp

Leg cramp generally happens due to abrupt contraction of the leg muscles. Very often the muscles cross 2 joints and gives tremndous pain. Also known as charley horse, this type of cramp involves the muscles of the quadriceps, the hamstring and the calf.  It generally stays for few seconds and can make you cry in pain. Sometimes, it lasts for longer period of time.

Tips To Fight Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Before going to the bed make it a routine to stretch your leg for several times. It will help the nerve of your leg to stay flexible and to avoid leg cramp. In order to increase the blood circulation in the joints rotate and massage your ankies and toes. Pay much attention to not to point the toe while crawling on the bed. To avoid leg cramps avoid standing for long time and try to avoid crossing your legs with each other.

Include banana which is enriched with potassium in your diet to fulfil the defficiency of potassium during pregnancy. Also consume milk products, almonds, leafy vegetables and fish to intake sufficient amount of calcium that the body of a pregnant woman needs.

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Leg Cramps During Pregnancy
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Drink plenty of fluid in order to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration can cause severe leg cramp. Drink a glass of water before you go to bed during pregnancy and even after pregnancy.

How To Get Instant Relief From Sudden Leg Cramp

Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

If you have sudden leg cramp then stretch your leg and slowly move your toes on the shins. It hurts! But it also heals after few seconds. If your cramp stays for longer peroid of time then massage the cramped area. You can also hold hot water bottle on the cramped muscles to get instant relief from leg cramp during pregnancy. 

Though the cramp does not stay for long but if you notice redness, swelling, ceaseless pain on the cramped muscles contact your doctor immediately. It could be the sign of the clotting of blood. The doctor can prescribe you certain jel to massage on cramps or any medicines to avoid it. After all, he can identify the reason behind your leg cramp and can take necessary steps to prevent it.

Leg cramp during pregnancy gives a lot of trouble to everyone. Though we do not know the actual reasons for it but your proper intake of calcium, potassium, moreover a balanced diet and plenty of fluid can give you relief from leg cramp during pregnancy.