How to Ease Nausea During Pregnancy

Many women are happy and excited when they first learn about their pregnancy. However, this burst of joy lasts for a short while as morning sickness hits. Nausea during pregnancy is not common to all women and is mainly experienced during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

But it can really take the joy from your pregnancy. Here are a few simple tips to help pregnant women deal better with morning sickness.

Let your doctor know about your morning sickness and the number of times you actually throw up. Your doctor will put you on prenatal vitamins that contain 50mg of Vitamin B6. It has been medically proven that intake of B6 helps deal with pregnancy induced nausea.

Stay away from the kitchen as far as possible. Smells of various herbs, spices and raw meat can also trigger nausea in pregnant women. Some women find it even impossible to eat food as they become extra-sensitive to the odors from the food. It would be a good idea to ask someone else to do the cooking for you during this period. Eating bland and boiled foods will not only cut out the smell but also help you keep the food down.

Ginger is known to help deal with morning sickness. Add ginger to your tea and food. Eat ginger snaps when nauseous. Ginger ale is another healthy drink that you can add to your daily menu. Pregnant women also swear by ginger candies in making them feel a lot better.

Keep a lemon handy. When you feel nauseous simply smell the lemon. The zinger smell of lemon is known to help calm nerves thereby getting rid of the feeling of nausea.

Eat small meals rather than eating large meals. You can have small meals through the day. Eating large meals is likely to make your tummy heavy and more prone to throwing up.

Do not go empty stomach for long after waking up. A good idea is to eat light crackers or a handful of dry fruits as soon as you get up.

Stay hydrated throughout the day. Drink plenty of water so that your body makes up for the loss of water when you throw up. Drinking less water can result in dehydration which is a serious condition during pregnancy. Sipping on water throughout the day is better than gulping huge amounts at one go.

Anubha Pandey