How to End Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping with your baby is advised in the early ages of infancy. However when your child reaches a certain age it is necessary to stop the habit of co-sleeping with your child. To end co-sleeping with your child is not an easy goal to be achieved. Here are some suggestions which may be helpful when you want to change this habit of your toddlers habit of your toddler.

A toddler gets used to your presence while sleeping. To change this habit is not a one-night process. You have to make preparations before you make her sleep in her own bed. You can begin by casually hinting that soon the child will have her own bed and observe her reactions to ascertain if she is ready for the transition. If you have to buy a new bed or bed sheets, etc let the child choose what she likes.

This will prepare her for the oncoming habit of sleeping alone. Help her in setting up the new bedding and give her time to get comfortable with this new habit. Put her favorite stuffed toys near the bed and place new bed sheets and bedding items on the bed.

Set a day for this transition. Tell your child about the advantages of having her own bed and how only big girls can sleep on their own. Tell your child about the fixed date in advance so that she is prepared for it. Answer their concerns if there are any.

Encourage your child for this transition by celebrating this day. Celebrate it as the day your child got her own bed. Let your child be excited about this transition. If your child is apprehensive, reassure her.

Read books to your child such as “The Goodnight Book” by Amy Beckman or Martin Waddell’s “Can’t You Sleep Little Bear”, etc. Or else read a fairy tale while she goes to sleep.  Sing her a lullaby. Inculcate the habit of sleeping alone just like a regular habit of brushing teeth.

Don’t let your apprehension show on your face. Children are intuitive and will surely see it.
Your child may not be able to adjust for the first few days but after some time she will get used to sleeping in her own room.