How to End Co-Sleeping

It is important to end the habit of co-sleeping once you feel you and the child are both ready for it. You will of course have to spend a few sleepless nights to achieve this but the effort will be worth it.

By helping your child adjust to the new sleeping arrangements you will make him/her more relaxed and comfortable with solo sleeping.

Let your child know about the new sleeping arrangement. Have a discussion during day instead of just before sleep time. Entice the child enough so that he gets excited about sleeping alone and looks forward to it rather than getting uncomfortable. You can even surprise your child with little gifts every morning that he wakes up in his own bed.

Go shopping with your child for new bedding. Purchase things that your child likes. When you let him pick his own bedding he will feel involved and will look forward to using them. If your budget allows for it you could even buy him a new bed in the shape of a fancy car.

Do not leave the child alone in the room before he goes to sleep. Spend some time sitting on the bed with the child. You could read stories to the child or play a game. You could even discuss friends and family or simply have a small chat about mundane things. The child will get used to the idea of being in the bed alone.

Don’t use the bed only at night. Encourage your child to take afternoon naps in the new bed. The child will get comfortable with the idea of sleeping alone during daytime and will be less hesitant to use his own bed at night.

Make your child keep a stuffed toy with him during sleep time. Encourage the child to be responsible for the toy’s safety at night. When the child will have someone to take care of he will become less concerned about his own fears.

Do not change the sleeping pattern of the child. Let the child sleep at the same time as he did with you. Make him follow all the other rituals that he performed earlier before going to bed.

If your child awakens in the middle of the night do not let him sneak into your bed. Go and spend some time with the child on his bed.

Anubha Pandey