How To Enjoy Safe And Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy PregnancyPregnancy is a very joyous stage for women. But during this stage women experience some unavoidable cases of discomfort which completely depend upon individuals. Being a little bit aware of this, woman can enjoy safe and healthy pregnancy.

Control Morning Sickness

It is a common uncomfortable condition during pregnancy. To keep it in control, don’t keep your stomach empty. Periodically have some nutritious meals. No one will wonder if you always keep some foodstuffs by the bed, so you may eat them in the middle of night.

For the first three months some women can’t eat properly and experience bad smell in many foods, but this situation disappears after few months. You may avoid getting closer to those foods. To avoid morning sickness you may have lemon drops, chewing ginger or foodstuffs mainly made with lemon or ginger. Always drink plenty of liquids and water to maintain healthy pregnancy.

Avoid Spotting or Menstruation Like Discharges

Some women experience menses like discharge (not red but pinkish) at the early stage of pregnancy, for some it happens till seventh month. This is not menstruation; rather it comes out when your fetus reaches at the opening of your uterus. This is a dangerous situation and any time you may get abortion and critical health condition may arise.

When this situation arises immediately contact your doctor. Spotting occurs for unawareness. To avoid spotting totally bed rest is the solution. This may happen for excess labour, frequently having sex, taking antibiotics or many other unknown reasons. So be aware of this and have safe pregnancy.

Eat Food For Two

diet for  Healthy Pregnancy

Now you are not alone, you baby is also there growing up in your womb. Eat plenty of foods enriched with vitamins and minerals. Fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits and milk are the sources of vitamins and minerals. Fat is necessary for absorbing some vitamins, also important for skin stretches and development of baby’s brain.

Avoid spicy, rich and fried foods. Drinking huge water and having least amount of salt may control your high blood pressure. You need more calories at this stage, approximately 300 calories everyday. Some women may have high blood sugar during pregnancy; if so, consult your doctor immediately.

Your Daily Life Habits

You should practice some safe and healthy habits during pregnancy. Avoid hard working; take a bath with warm water (avoid hot water) to relax you. Walk at the best you can; this helps you get more oxygen flow in your blood circulation and relief from leg swelling.

Relax with listening light music and reading books of moral lessons, try to see beautiful things, nature and even photograph of cute babies in front of you. Stop alcohol, drugs and smoking. Avoid lifting heavy stuffs. Always keep your bathroom dry; so there may not be any chance to slip on the floor.

Remember, as the fetus get maturity, it responses to your feelings; so try to smile always by reading jokes, watching comedy and even sharing funny stuffs with your family members. Lastly, whatever you do, visit your doctor at times and always keep in touch. Wishing you all experience a healthy, secured and happy pregnancy. Take care.