How To Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

In the contemporary times, there has been a drastic slant in the cases of normal deliveries. All thanks to, our sedentary lifestyle that has no scope for physical activities. Moreover, the pregnancy age in urban women has leaped up from twenty five to thirty, when the ligaments and muscles of the female body are not in their prime elasticity.

Due to these factors, pregnant women today have to go through a real tough time. So, exercising becomes very imperative to maintain fitness as well as figure during this period. Usually gynecologist too, refers some exercises to pregnant ladies except, in the case of those with a medical history of regular miscarriages and with those having low lying placenta.

These exercises besides keeping you fit, also accentuates the chances of normal delivery. Some exercises havebeen enlisted below that can be done safely after the first trimester but keeping your gynecologist well informed about it, is equally important:

How To Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

Lower Back Exercise

Most common problem amongst pregnant women is the posterior pelvic and lumbar pain in the back due to softening of muscles and ligaments. It further aggravates with the increasing weight of the baby.

lower back exercises during pregnancy

No medication can relieve you of this intolerable pain except exercising regularly. Stand upright with slight gap between your feet. Putting hands on your waist twist it gently making a complete circle clockwise. Repeat the same movement anticlockwise too. This exercise can be done 7-8 times at one stretch.

Cervical Exercises

Most of the times, women prefer to continue with their jobs, if everything is going on normal. But continuous sitting and staring at computer screen takes a toll on cervical muscles. So, prefer doing following stretches intermittently. After a deep inhalation, turn your neck towards your left then to your right without straining.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Do as many turns possible in one inhalation and then exhale. You can also do this exercise by bending your neck to left shoulder and then to right shoulder while looking straight.

Abdominal Exercise

Lie at your back on a soft mattress. Bend your knees while keeping your feet on the ground. Align your arms parallel to your waist. Now levitate your hips for about 5-6 seconds and then slowly bring them back to relaxing position. Repeat this exercise too, for 7-8 times.

During Pregnancy exercises

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Feet Exercise

Due to the increased body weight or sometimes due to excessive water retention, the feet become swollen and experience extruding pain. To alleviate this pain, lie down at your back and raise your one leg only slightly.

best During Pregnancy exercises

Now rotate your ankle in clockwise and then anticlockwise direction for about ten times. Repeat this exercise with both the feet.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Sometimes the urethra muscle loosens up to such an extent, that it gets difficult to control the urine. In such cases, following exercise proves very helpful.

Bend your knees while lying comfortably at your back. Now stretch your thigh muscles as well as urethra muscles in the same way as trying to stop urination. Maintain this for few seconds and then relax. Continue doing this for at least ten times.

Pregnancy exercises

This languorous session of exercise regime includes only those exercises that can be done without breaking a sweat and are totally safe, besides ensuring fitness during this period.