How To Fly Safe And Sound While Pregnant

How To Fly Safe And Sound While PregnantWhen you are a pregnant woman, you should avoid air travel if you are close to the due date of your pregnancy. There are serious complications which you could experience as a pregnant woman, and such complications cannot be attended to when you are on an airplane.

If you want go traveling by air during your pregnancy, then you should fly in the period between the 18th and 27th week of your pregnancy. If you have been expecting for more than thirty six weeks, then you will be prohibited from traveling by the airline companies. A problem which you could experience as a pregnant women when traveling by air is the deep vein thrombosis. It is the development of blood clots particularly when the flights are long. Such blood clots could be fatal not only for your pregnancy but also for your general health overall.

Tips For Safe Air Travel When Pregnant

When you are traveling by air when you are pregnant, then you should keep certain important items near you. You should avoid drinking beverages that contain alcohol or caffeine. You should drink plenty of water at all times. You must keep the nutrition levels in your body at an optimum.

You can do this by carrying fresh fruit which are full of vitamins with you. Such fruits include dried apricots, grapes, oranges and plums. In order to avoid catching the flu or common cold, you could wear a face mask. You can also bring an eye mask and ear plugs. These items could help you to get some peaceful sleep on the airplane. Ear plugs could provide you relief from the surrounding sounds inside the aircraft.

Try To Have A Comfortable Flight

To have as comfortable as flight as you possibly can, you should wear light colored and loose fitting garments. If you are expecting, then you feet will be likely to swell up. For making your feet comfortable when you are on a flight, you should wear shoes that have modifiable straps and a support hose. You can decrease the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis and blood clots if you get up from where you are sitting and walk down and up the aisle of the aircraft during every hour or so.

You must make sure that you get plenty of rest when you are on the flight. You can book a seat that will enable to move your legs freely rather than restrict your movement. There are many airline websites that could provide you with information about how much leg space the seats of their aircrafts have. You can also see a legroom guide and get to know about the various sizes of the seats of the different airlines. Then accordingly, you should pick an airline which has the most comfortable seating arrangement. Choosing an aisle seat or a bunk bed seat would be sensible. Such seats would give you more room to move your legs.

Pregnancy Precautions

According to medical professionals, you should not fly before twelve weeks of your pregnancy. This is because of the risk of morning sickness and miscarriage. If you are traveling by air after twenty eight weeks of your pregnancy have passed, then the airline which you are flying with will require a letter from your doctor stating that you are well enough to fly.

This is because when you are beyond your twenty eighth week of pregnancy, the problems which you encounter could be very severe problems. It is not at all likely that such problems can be attended to when you are traveling by air. The doctor should also verify the estimated due date of your pregnancy. All the airlines have their own guidelines for traveling by air.

Thus when you are a pregnant woman and you wish to book your flight, then you have to inform the airline which you are traveling with, that you are expecting. When you are booking your air tickets over the internet, you must make sure the rules of the airlines on their website with regard to traveling by air when pregnant. You could also call up the airline company and inform them about your pregnant state beforehand. This will enable the airline company you are traveling with to make adequate arrangements about your condition.

When you are making your flight preparations, you cannot be shy about giving the airlines you are traveling with information about your pregnancy. You should also not refrain from asking them certain important questions about how they can ensure that you have a comfortable flight. You could definitely request for a comfortable seating arrangement.

You should be aware of the fact that there are many travel insurance companies which do not provide health coverage to pregnant women who are traveling by air. This is because traveling by air when you are pregnant is considered to be very risky. You could experience some very complicated problems, and the medical costs which your insurance company would consequently have to bear could be very high. You should therefore check thoroughly with the insurance company whose policy you have purchased and get to know the details about what their policy covers.

Travel insurance for traveling by air is quite easy to get. If you are traveling by air when you are pregnant, you must try and get as much sleep and rest as you possibly can. When you are traveling by air during your pregnancy, you should be ready to spend some extra money to ensure comfort and safety to yourself and your unborn child.

There are some airline companies which could charge you extra for providing you with a comfortable seating arrangement. Thus you can be very comfortable when you traveling by air when you are pregnant, provided you are ready to spend extra. You have to consult your doctor as to what precautions you must take and make the correct flight preparations. Ask the airline companies the essential questions pertaining to every pregnant passenger and you will have a relaxing and restful flight.

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