How To Get Pregnant With Herbs

How To Get Pregnant With HerbsFor some women, pregnancy does not come easy. They have to struggle through a number of cumbersome processes and procedures that finally they are left with no energy to move on or no inclination to expect. Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy period for most women.

But for these unfortunate women, who could be going through a lot of trauma with flak from near and dear ones and probably from their own spouses, it could have turned into a nightmare. But help is near. A number of alternative treatment options are available to make a woman pregnant. These treatment methods are very safe and natural that you do not have to go through several painful processes that lead to disappointment after disappointment.

Monitoring the Monthly Cycle

Before starting the treatment method, it is important to understand the cycle of your ovulation. From the first day of your monthly cycle you can count the length of your cycle. Others factors that have to be taken into consideration is the quality of the cervical mucus, its density and texture.

These factors help you in identifying the best days and also help you chart your treatment progress while you use herbs. It is also important to check if you are already pregnant before starting herbs. Herbal treatments when you are pregnant could lead to a miscarriage and other complications. You surely would want to avoid all these when you are trying for a pregnancy.

Take Soy Isoflavones To Enhance Fertility

Take Soy Isoflavones To Enhance Fertility

Once your monthly cycle is charted with precision, you can now start the process of enhancing your fertility through the use of herbs. Soy is the most common herbal remedy that is used by many infertile women to increase their fertility. Soy tablets are available in herbal shops.

Make sure that you go for soy products with isoflavones. Taking soy products that contain isoflavones will help in the production of natural estrogen, a female hormone that is essential for the reproductive health, especially in producing mature eggs that are necessary for a woman to become pregnant.

Soy diet like tofu and soy beans can be included in the diet as well along with the supplements. Soy diet or tablets must have 60 mg of soy isoflavones to produce the desired results. Soy products are especially useful if you have fertility problems due to low estrogen levels.

Herbs for Increase Cervical Mucous

Cervical mucus is essential and plays a major role in deciding whether a woman gets pregnant or not. Even if the sperm count is satisfactory and the sperm has enough motility to swim into the uterus, if cervical mucus is inadequate, the swimming process will not take place efficiently and resultant infertility. This is why the quality of the cervical mucus becomes very important when a woman is trying to get pregnant.

The acidic environment inside the vagina is not conducive for the sperms to live. Cervical mucus helps in protecting the sperm and increasing the lifespan of the sperms inside the vagina. Herbal remedies for this condition include flax seed oil, evening primrose oil and grapefruit juice. You can drink the juice of grape fruit and take evening primrose oil in doses of 1500-3000 mg, depending on the amount of mucous required.

This has to be done before you ovulate, which is from the first day o your menstrual cycle to the day of ovulation. Flax seed oil can be consumed after ovulation. During this time, you can also increase the intake of carrots. Milk and other dairy products that can thicken mucous must be avoided during this phase.

Herbal Teas For Increasing Chances of Pregnancy

Herbal Teas For Increasing Chances of Pregnancy

For women who are on the verge of tears due to infertility, anything that renders fertility can be god sent. Herbal teas are one such remedy and it does not hurt to try the out. Nettle leaves, red clover, dandelion leaves and raspberry leaves are the ones that you have to use for making herbal teas.

These herbs have essential qualities of folic acid which is required for conception and also other nutrients that help in conception. These teas have to be boiled with water and taken regularly for best results.You can take the advice of a herbalist in order to use the correct quantities required for your individual needs.

Progesterone Supplements too For Abundant Fertility

Using progesterone creams, suppositories and pills can increase the luteal phase of your monthly cycle. The supplements are identical to natural progesterone produced by the body in that they have diosgenin, which is extracted from naturally occurring herbs like wild yarn and soy.

Progesterone supplements or natural products must be consumed immediately after your ovulation starts and have to be continued until your next menstrual cycle starts. This can be done with the recommendation of a doctor. You must also be careful while stopping the use of the supplements or products as this would result in a miscarriage in case you have unknowingly become pregnant in the process due to a sudden dip in the levels of hormones in the body.

Sexual Intercourse at the Right Time

While taking these supplements and natural products, one should not forget the most important thing that is required to get pregnant. Sexual intercourse is the ultimate act that will lead to pregnancy after you body has been made ready for the reception. Copulation must be a planned process in order to avoid disappointments. For this,asc you must be sure of the dates on which ovulation takes place in your body.

Those are the dates where you need to be sexually active. Ovulation can also be detected by feeling the cervix with your fingers. The cervix will be high, softer, open and moist during the days of ovulation. You will also detect the presence of clear and thin egg white like cervical mucus in abundance during the time of ovulation. Sex must be a stress free one and must be slow and enjoyable. You must remember not to wash off the semen immediately after intercourse. Leave it on and allow the sperms to swim through the cervix by lying on your back. All you need to do now is to wait for the good news.Goodluck!


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