How To Get Your Children To Eat Healthy

How To Get Your Children To Eat HealthyChildren love eating junk food, chips and cold drinks but healthy food and proper diet is necessary at this growing stage.  It is our duty to make them realise the importance of healthy diet and how to eat healthy. There are few ways by which you can make your children eat healthy and keep them fit.

Make Them Eat Healthy In School

Restrict their pocket money while going to the school, so that they are unable to buy and consume junk food from school canteen. Usually children think that the physical education or sports period is of no use as the marks will not be added in their report card, so they avoid attending these classes in the school.

It is the duty of the parents to make them realize the importance of sports and physical education in their life and ask them to attend these periods regularly. During examinations neither pressurise your child to over-eat nor let them eat too less due to examination pressure.  Both the situations are bad for their health.

Make Them Eat Healthy at Home

Set proper routine for eating at home and try to stick to that routine to keep them healthy and to develop good eating habits. Never avoid breakfast, children should be made to eat breakfast everyday as it is the most important meal of the day.

Whenever they feel hungry during the day try to make them eat fruits or drink juice as they are healthier options than eating fried chips or snacks all the time.
The time for playing video games or watching television should also be fixed and as the time period gets over you should ask them strictly to get back to studies or go out for playing.

Develop their interest towards playing various games like running, skipping etc.  All the games or sports should be made to play at least for 10 minutes so that their body gets some physical exercise. Teenage kids do not eat or rather miss out regular meals due to busy study schedule, rushing for tuitions etc., so make it a point that whenever you give them food at home it should be completely nutritious and full of proteins like eggs, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, tofu etc.

All these foods are rich in proteins and will develop healthy eating habits in your child. Many times children forget to drink required amount of water during the day. They should be made to drink 7-10 glasses of water every day. You can substitute 1-2 glasses of water with juice too.

Eating Healthy While Eating Out

Ask your kids to drink Masala Milk, Low fat milk, fruit juices or coconut water instead of cold drinks in restaurants or when you go out for a trip. Make them eat grilled, baked or roasted dishes instead of deep fried ones, so that they do not gain weight. Instead of opting for mayonnaise they should be asked to eat tomato, mustard sauce or chutney, this will help in controlling the weight gain in children. Thus by following these easy guidelines you can get your children to eat healthy and stay fit all the time.