How To Get Your Toddler To Eat Well

Eating well is very important for your toddler. It provides him with the energy he needs to grow, stay healthy,maintain weight and establish good eating habits. There are many ways in which you can make nutritious food which is appealing for your little one.

Get your toddler involved.

This is a great way to make him excited about eating hios food. Take him to the grocery store, he will love the excursion. If your child is old enough, ask him to hold the grocery list while you shop. You can give him few choices along the way. Apples or banana? Make him try at least one new fruit every week.

Make meals and snacks fun.

You do not have to force your child to eat. Try innovative ideas to involove him. Ask him to put his favourite toppings on the pizza. You can also ask him to arrange the salad, carrot sticks. Try to make pancakes in some innovative shapes. Use multicolored plates and dinnerware to attract him.

Teach him about the source of fruits and vegetables.

When you plan an outing with your toddler, take him to the orchard or dairy so that he can understand where the food on his table comes from. He may not understand everything but the experience will definitely inspire him to try something new.

Be picky about juices.

Fruit juices are a good source of nutrients but be careful about the kind of juices you bring home. You should buy only hundred percent fruit juice or fruit vegetable combinations. If your toddler does not drink milk, try to find juices which are fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

But stay away from juices which are full of arrays and sweeteners. You must also keep in mind that too much of everything is bad. So too much of juices can contribute to child obesity and other problems like tooth decay especially if your child carries a sippy cup.

Bake and shake

Smoothies are a fun way to get fruit and other healthy foods into your child’s daily diet. Just blend your choice of fruit like banana, canned pineapple or berries. If you want to incorporate proteins, just blend tofu or egg whites with the fruits. You can also add some milk or yoghurt to make the smoothies creamier and healthy.

Be a good role model.

Apart from considering all ways of getting your toddler to eat well, you have to practice what you preach in front of your kids. If you eat junk food or skip meals, you can never expect your child to practice good eating habits.

Forget the food fights, do not punish your child if he does not eat much. Let him decide how much he wants to eat. Don’t be sneaky about incorporating healthy foods into the dishes that your toddler likes.

You may succced right now but your toddler may feel betrayed when he finds out. Try to make the mealtime enjoyable. Switch off the television during the mealtimes. Help your child in establishing a healthy relationship with food.

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