How to Give Up Smoking During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and also a smoker it’s not good for your child. For the proper development of the fetus, good flow of blood is necessary in your body but smoking restricts it and your baby’s growth and nutrition get checked. Therefore you must quit smoking if you are pregnant.

It is a very tough job to give up smoking. Till now you never gave up smoking for yourself but now it’s for your child. You have to give up smoking if you love your child. Smoking is very harmful for unborn child if you are pregnant.

To quit smoking, first of all you have to convince yourself that it’s just a matter of few months. Once your baby is born, you will again resume smoking. This thought will give you mental satisfaction and your brain will get prepared to quit smoking.

Once you have convinced yourself and decided to quit smoking tell your family members and well wishers about it. They will not only appreciate your decision but also inspire you and help you on quitting smoking.

However, it’s not so easy to quit smoking instantly. Even though you have prepared your mind your body will take some time to adjust without nicotine. After a day or two you will feel the urge to smoke. If you see anyone smoking it will be very difficult for you to control yourself.

To quit smoking, you need some extra exercise. If you do some extra exercise, your body may not demand nicotine. When you feel the urge of smoking, use some other substitute such as milkshakes, chocolates or any other chewing gum. A time will come when your urge for the cigarette will diminish.

If you are quitting cigarette before pregnancy, you must tell it to your doctor so that he can help you.

One more thing which can help you quit smoking is avoiding contacts with smokers. If they are your friends and you can’t stay away with them for long, tell them not to smoke in your presence. You will get positive result without making your relation bitter.

Remember, not only the smoke of the cigarette is harmful; the nicotine in it is poisonous which circulates in your body if you are a smoker. So quit smoking for the benefit of your child.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many famous TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.