How To Handle Aggression In Children?

Aggression in children is increasing day-by-day with the increase in stress level created due to the various reasons such as the pressure of fighting for their individuality, coping with the competition in schools, rejection or the feeling of being ignored, compliance issues and many more.

If parents feel that scolding or slapping a child is the solution, then they are on the wrong track, as today’s modern child is aware of his own needs & wants and seeks respect for his individuality. Let us explore the ways to handle aggression in children, in a friendly manner. The various ways to deal with aggressive feelings and behavior of children are:

Stay Calm and Cool

When your child has done something that is not acceptable to you then at that time, the first thing is to have control on your own temper or anger. Don’t yell or scream on him rather use your words in a soft manner. Communicate the consequences and explain him the bad effects of doing anything wrong.

Talk the Alternatives

If your child shows extreme aggression in the form of hitting and kicking, then firstly discuss with him about what has happened and why he has behaved in such a manner? Clearly review the situation and explain him the other alternatives of showing his feelings. The mantra is to develop a new positive behavior in the child by removing the negative behavior.

Identify the Aggression Triggers

Try to find out the various reasons that lead to aggression in child, such as the change in routine and whether the outburst occurs during the meal times or at the time of sleep. On finding out the exact reason, provide the immediate solution.

Appreciate your Child

Praise your child for whatever good he has done. Motivate him to do more. Sometimes a cuddle, a hug or a pat on the back can do miracles.

Consistent Approach

The parents need to discipline their children constantly. Always react to every negative behavior of the child, may be in the form of disapproving look, just saying No or by using such words that would make the child feel that he has repeated the mistake and he should not do this.

Parents can also define and discuss certain discipline strategies with the child. Hence, with the blend of patience, positive reinforcement and right direction, parents can easily handle their child’s aggressive behavior.