How to Have Sex During Pregnancy

There are number of myths about how to have sex during pregnancy.To begin with a lot of people are unsure if it is alright and will not harm the baby.Well it is safe to have sex during pregnancy the right way.But sex should not be practiced under certain circumstances. For instance in case of a low lying placenta, lack of energy etc.

However you can consult your doctor and take his opinion on how suitable it is to have sex during pregnancy.If your body is dealing with the pregnancy fine and there are no complications then there is nothing else that you have to worry about.However there are certain things that has to be kept in mind while having sex during pregnancy.

For some women it becomes kind of essential to have sex during pregnancy. During the initial stages of pregnancy due to the sudden changes in hormones you may not feel like having sex. But once you are through with that stage you may feel better and energized and you may feel like having sex.In fact you may find sex more desirable at this point.

So you can move on and have sex and it will not harm your baby.The baby is generally protected by the amniotic fluid and the uterus so sex may not affect the baby.This certainly does not mean that you can have violent or animal sex.

Tone it down and switch to more comfortable positions. Missionary position may put pressure on the belly and hence the baby so try being gentle. So find out which position suits you best and you can have sex during pregnancy without any difficulty.

Make it a point to avoid any kinds of lubricants etc. while having sex.It is best that you have sex only if you feel like while you are pregnant. If you do not feel like having sex or are feeling tired then make your partner understand this and refrain from sex.

Also stay away from sex if your partner is suffering from any kind of sexually transmitted disease or any sort of infection in genitals.However keep getting regular check ups and avoid sex if there is any sort of complication because you obviously do not want to take a chance with your baby.Apart from these with some care and caution you can have sex during pregnancy.