How To Identify And Avoid Baby Food Allergies

The most worrying aspect for any parent is baby food allergies. They get scared to introduce any new food to baby, as it may be allergic to them. But there are ways to identify baby food allergies, once parents know about food allergies; they can happily introduce the baby to solid food.

The symptoms of baby food allergies are eczema, diarrhea, nausea, red eyes, watery eyes and constipation. Allergic shock is a serious reaction but very rarely occurs. During allergic shock, tongue and throat swell dangerously and it could result in choking.

So it is advisable to take the help of a professional immediately. Food intolerance is completely different from baby food allergies. Babies with food intolerance find it difficult to digest a particular type of food. To identify the food to which the baby reacts, you need to follow the simple guidelines given below.

Start giving solid food only when the baby is six months old.  The immune system will develop better only at this stage. Introduce only one food at a time. This will allow you know whether the baby reacts to that particular food or not. This will help in identifying the problem food and eliminate it.

Avoid foods that are more likely to cause allergic reactions. The foods include gluten, shellfish, fruits and egg white. When parents suffer from allergy, the chances are high for the baby to develop allergies. The substance responsible for the allergy may differ.

So when your baby is at high risk of developing particular allergy, then you need to be careful while introducing new food. So take time in introducing food and make sure that the food introduced does not have any reaction.

Only 8% of the children are affected by Baby food allergies. So it is better to introduce food individually to the baby, keep things in perspective and stay alert for any likely reaction after introducing the food. These measures will help you in introducing food safely without the doubt of any allergies. As a mother when you know clearly what are the foods that react, it will be easy to decide on safe foods for your baby.