How to Improve a Toddler’s Speech

Once your child reaches the age of two you cannot wait to hear them speak out full sentences in clear and comprehensible tone. Every word that comes from your child’s mouth is precious. However, sometimes the child may not be speaking very clearly.

This is where you have to step in and take over the role of a parent-teacher. Your child will require some help from you to work on his language. While toddlers normally pick up words very fast they may not be pronouncing them properly and clearly. With a little encouragement and some help from your child will be talking nineteen to a dozen soon.

Reading bed time stories to toddlers is a great way of improving their speech. Each night before putting them to bed read a story slowly and in a clear voice. Change your intonation pattern to express emotions while reading. Engage your child during reading to encourage active participation. Ask questions in between the narration to get responses and to ensure that the child understands what you are reading.

Teach nursery rhymes by singing them out aloud. You can even sing pop songs with catchy tunes. Kids love the natural rhythm of music and songs. Soon you will have your child singing along with you. Do not sing all songs in one day. Repeat only two or three songs initially so that your child learns them. Once this happens sing the song by making your child fill in a few gaps.

Introduce your child
daily to two words. Use these two words throughout the day in your conversation with the child. Help the child remember the words by emoting them. Make the child repeat the words. Not only will he remember the words but also learn their proper pronunciation.

As a parent you might be able to understand what your child is saying even if he does not speak it out clearly. Sometimes the child will simply point to an object he wants or is interested in. As a parent you should ignore these hand signals and encourage the child to request what he wants by saying it. Reward you child with a kiss every time he uses words to put across his point.

Toddlers take time to learn speech and eventually language. Do not give up on your child if he takes a little longer than other children to do so.

Anubha Pandey