How To Increase Breast Milk Naturally

Feeding her child is a matter of great concern for a nursing mother. If she suffers from low breast milk production by her milk glands, she looks for a natural solution that can effectively increase her breast milk supply.

If you are one of the nursing mothers looking for natural ways to increase your breast milk supply then this article will interest you.Given below are some guidelines on how to increase breast milk naturally.

Before trying hard to increase your breast milk supply, you must first find out the root cause of your baby not getting sufficient milk. Apart from poor breast milk production, few other problems too can make it tough for your baby to get adequate milk.

These problems may be due to lactation or poor positioning while breastfeeding.In order to find the exact cause you should see lactation counselor. If other problems are the culprit behind inadequate feeding of the child then the lactation counselor will teach you how to resolve the problems.

To resolve low breast milk supply you should nurse your child frequently and for longer periods. This will empty your breast more frequently, as a result of which they will be filled more often. Hence an increase in demand will be followed by an increase in supply.

When your child suckles, your brain receives a message that your breast has short supply of milk. As a result of this message more milk is produced in your breast.

Presence of adequate fluids in your body is an essential factor that affects your breast milk supply. In order to enhance your breast milk supply you must keep yourself well hydrated by drinking fruit and vegetable juices, and water.

Proper hydration will keep you healthy and strong. You should also consume green vegetables and fresh fruits. If you wish to produce more breast milk, you will have to remain healthy and energetic.

New mothers are often anxious to lose their weight they had put on during pregnancy. Hence they try to reduce their calorie intake. But if you want to increase your breast milk supply, you need to increase your calorie intake. You will require at least an additional 500 calories per day.

You should consume oatmeal and drink fenugreek tea because these two are great enhancers of breast milk production. Also, continue to breast feed your child till the end.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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