How To Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary

How To Increase Your Child's VocabularyGood vocabulary is the key to good communication skills. Knowledge is very important; however good vocabulary helps you communicate your knowledge.

It is very important to start working on your child’s vocabulary at a young age. The better vocabulary your child has, the better will be his grades in school and university, which will lead to a good and successful future.

In short vocabulary is a stepping stone of a great successful future for your child. There are a few steps listed below to help you work on your child’s vocabulary, take a look at them.

Reading Hours At Home

Reading hours at home need to be fixed for everyone. By fixing reading hours at home for everyone your child will adopt the same habit. He will learn from your good habits. If you have an elder child you can ask him to read his academic books to increase his vocabulary and knowledge.

You can buy your child both informative and entertaining books to keep him interested in reading. You can also buy your child interesting word puzzle books to increase his vocabulary. However you need to make sure that you switch off the television and other gadgets during reading hour to avoid your child from getting distracted.

Teach Your Child The Use Of A Dictionary

Teach your child the use of a dictionary. If he doesn’t know a word or doesn’t know the meaning of a word ask him to look it up in the dictionary. Also teach him the use of online dictionary.

Ask your child to keep a dictionary handy or add it to your favorites on your computer to make reading easy for your child. Understanding maximum words while reading, makes reading very interesting for your child. Every time your child reads he will add more words to his vocabulary by looking up for their meaning in the dictionary.

Play Vocabulary Increasing Word Games

Encourage your child to play games that can help increase his vocabulary. A number of word games can be played over the kitchen counter or on a card table can be enjoyed by your child and you. These games increase your child’s vocabulary and also improve his spellings.

These vocabulary games include games like scrabble, boggle, and UpWords. You can encourage him to play word puzzles to be occupied and pass his free time. There are also a number of vocabulary games online that you can look out for.

Talk in English at home

Your house is the first school for your child. Talk to your child in English at home. By making English the primary language at home you can improve your child’s communication skills. By introducing new words to your child, he will start learning new words at home.

This will create a good language base for your child. Your child will be able to communicate in English fluently and with full confidence even outside. When you choose a school for your child make sure that the school focuses on English language and the faculty communicates in English with the kids.

Sanika N