How To Keep Pregnant Wife/Girlfriend Happy

How To Keep Pregnant Wife HappyNo doubts, pregnancy is a tough time for a woman, she experiences many emotional changes besides physical, its not easy for her to be happy and relaxed whereas happiness of a pregnant woman matters a lot for her health along with her baby’s.

It is not really hard to make your wife/girlfriend happy while she is pregnant. Here you are some important tips to keep her happy while she is pregnant.

Know About Pregnancy Process

First of all know about all over pregnancy process, by knowing all, you will explore, pregnancy is the hardest stage in a woman’s life, she has to deal with different complications, discomforts and downsides in these 9 months.

This is really important to help her emotionally, all that goes worse when she feels unhappy and stressful. Happiness is helpful to avoid many pregnancy complications.

Give Her Special Care

Your love, special care and attention are very important for her to be happy. Do something that can make her happy, keep a pillow under her waist while she is sitting, take her for shopping, hug her softly, kiss her gently, hold her hand when you are on walk with her, tell her she is the most lovable person for you.

Kkeep surprising her with pleasant gifts, roses and cards, tell her what is important for her to eat or what is not, read some home remedies to prevent nausea, vomiting, back pain, headache and other pregnancy symptoms to increase her knowledge; so that she can cope with these discomforts, go with her for visiting doctor.

Ask about important matters to the doctor, ask your wife/girlfriend to share her feeling about coming baby, and you too share with her, keep your hand on her abdomen to feel your baby’s moment. All these small acts will give an unexplainable joy to her, you just can see the result in her smiley and shinny face.

Fulfill Her Wishes

Many pregnant women get cravings to eat something odd, do best to fulfill her wish by purchasing whatever she wishes, but keep in mind whatever she wants to have it should be healthy, if it is not, try to make her understand politely about the side effects of that foods, such as mercury fish, fast food, fried foods, rich foods caffeine and other foods, which are avoided during pregnancy.

Help Out Her In House Chores

During pregnancy she needs extra energy. As your baby is sharing her energy to grow up, thus she won’t be able to do all those house chores which she had been doing before pregnancy, share her some responsibilities without asking her like clean house, wash dishes, do laundry, take care elder children, go for grocery shopping. These all works must be burden for her now, as she has not stamina to do these works.

Don’t Lose The Heart If Still She Becomes Unhappy Sometimes

Realize this fact that, it is not possible for her to be happy always as she is spending totally a different life which has many discomforts in it. She may become upset instead of your all efforts but, have a heart it is just time being, she will come back in her fine mood after sometimes.

Be as nice with her as you can be ever in life, recall the lover of past inside you for loving her a lot. She is really doing a hard job to bring a new life in this world, no one can feel the troublesome, she feels during pregnancy, only you are the person who can take her pains away and make best effort to keep her happy.

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