How to Maintain a Healthy Weight during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when most women take to “eating for two” rather seriously. You find these very women complaining about finding it hard to lose weight post delivery. They only have themselves to blame for their binge eating during pregnancy.

To get back to pre-pregnancy state post pregnancy, it is important to eat right during the nine months.

Reasonable weight gain is possible during pregnancy if one sticks to eating healthy and nutritious food and indulges in regular exercising.

Don’t think that you can avoid weight gain while pregnant. It is not possible nor is it healthy. To give birth to a healthy and bouncing baby it is important that your body gains weight. Weight gain between 25-35 lbs is recommended for all pregnant women.

A few pounds here and there do not make much difference. This also strictly depends on pre-pregnancy weight. Too much weight gain can lead to a lot of medical problems during pregnancy and at the time of child birth.

Remain active during your pregnancy. Being pregnant is not a disease. Hence you do not require long hours of rest unless the doctor has strictly put you on bed rest for medical reasons. Continue with your daily chores like before. Also incorporate exercising in your daily routine.

This may include walking, swimming and low impact yoga. If you were doing high impact exercises before pregnancy you can continue with them even while pregnant. But always check with your doctor.

Control what you eat. Don’t start eating for two because that is not what your body needs. Your body requires healthy and nutritious food to take care of the needs of the growing baby. Avoid too many carbs that are included in junk and oily food. Instead take foods that are high in proteins and rich in vitamins.

Lean meats, egg whites, skimmed milk, bananas and green leafy vegetables, dry fruits and nuts are ideal foods for a pregnant lady. You can occasionally enjoy a cone of ice cream and a piece of your favorite chocolate cake. Don’t overstuff yourself at any time. The key is to eat in moderation; six small meals are better than three heavy meals.Do not drink and smoke while pregnant.

Anubha Pandey