How To Maintain Good Fitness During Your Pregnancy

Fitness During Your PregnancyExpecting a child is the world’s most wonderful feeling and there’s nothing like having a healthy baby in your womb. All expectant mothers are very curious to know as to how they can maintain good fitness during pregnancy. Their concern is understandable. This article just gives you the perfect guide to stay fit and have a healthy baby.

How To Maintain Good Fitness During Your Pregnancy

Intake of Folic Acid

400 mg of Folic acid every day is a must for any expecting mother. Your doctor will prescribe doses according to your need. This vitamin helps the overall growth of baby especially the nervous system and brain development.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

We all know how eating healthy is important. Have a balanced diet including all essential vitamins and minerals in the form of green vegetables, salads and fresh juices. Avoid having processed foods which contains harmful toxins.

Eat fresh and the right food. Of course binging on junk food once in a while is alright but make sure that you are not living on burgers and French fries only. It just adds fat to your body than doing any good to the growing fetus inside you.

Go for Regular Check-up

Many women prefer to consult doctors or mid wives before planning a baby in order to start eating healthy and take prenatal vitamins important for conceiving on time. Once you get the news of pregnancy, make sure you visit the doctor in regular intervals as and when called.

Share your problems with the doctor no matter how stupid it may sound. Remember, pregnancy brings in a lot of physical as well as emotional changes which vary from women to women. Your health care provider is the best guide through your entire journey from conception to post delivery.

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Maintain a Healthy Weight

An expectant mother has all the right to put on weight and eat whatever they want to. This is the time when you can unselfishly eat for your growing child which requires all the nutrients to have a healthy growth.

Ask your doctor how much you should gain in three trimesters. Have a healthy diet chart including foods that provide proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Milk is very important source of calcium to you and the child’s forming bones.

Say no to Alcohol and  Caffeine

Alcohol, caffeine or smoking is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. It puts the baby at risk and at times cause miscarriages and premature labors. Caffeine in very limited quantity is allowed but it is always advisable to avoid it during your nine month period.

Avoid going to public places with smoke as passive smoking can also harm the child. Alcohol causes many nervous system disorders and birth defects in child. So say no to all three of them. It is not too much to ask for your child’s safety.

Exercise and Yoga

Last but not the least, to stay fit during your pregnancy, one needs to remain active physically. Make sure you continue to lead a normal life unless you have been asked to slow down by your doctor.

Enroll yourself in pregnancy yoga classes and do some mild exercises to keep you away from unwanted cramps which are common during pregnancy. Read pregnancy books subscribe to pregnancy websites. keep yourself active to maintain good fitness during pregnancy.

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