How To Manage Weight Gain During Pregnancy

It is natural for an expectant mother to gain weight during pregnancy. A pregnant woman normally gains 11 to 12 kg over the course of her pregnancy, unless if it is a case of a multiple pregnancy.

But one should remember that it is always necessary to keep your weight under check, even during the time of your pregnancy. A lot of pregnancy related complications can arise if the pregnant woman becomes obese and overweight. If you become overweight, then you will be prone to develop conditions like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Here are some tips to manage your weight gain during pregnancy.

Revise your diet plan. Instead of having 3 large meals, try having frequent and small nutritious meals throughout the day. It is seen that along with the increase in frequency of eating, your rate of metabolism also increases. Thus by doing so, you will be able to obtain all the benefits of a healthy meal without having the fear of becoming overweight.

Watch your calories and control what you eat. But never resort to dieting for weight loss when you are pregnant .Compared to a non pregnant female, a pregnant woman should have an extra calorie intake of 300-400 calories a day. Do not depend on fast foods and junk foods for weight gain as they are proven to be unhealthy and will also make you overweight.

Follow a healthy and nutritious diet
consisting of fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products and protein rich foods. Protein rich foods like skinless chicken breasts, beans, lentils and grains should find a definite place in your diet. Drink plenty of water and also try to keep the carbohydrate, caffeine and sugar intake to the required minimum.

Being pregnant is not an excuse to avoid doing exercises.Do follow a regular exercise regime. It will be ideal for a woman to start exercising way before her pregnancy, so that she would not have any difficulties in controlling her weight when she becomes pregnant.

Regular exercising
boosts up your metabolic rates to a very high level. Pregnant women who involve in exercises like walking, swimming and yoga, will find it very easy to manage their weight during pregnancy.

Thus by regular exercising and following a healthy diet, you can very well control your weight gain during pregnancy and thus enjoy a healthy and problem free pregnancy.