How To Naturally Produce More Breast Milk

Many new mothers find it difficult to produce sufficient breast milk for their babies. Good milk supply is also needed for newborns who have not yet learnt how to suck properly and therefore end up hungry often. Hence sufficient milk supply is important. However, new mothers should not lose their sleep over inadequate quantity of milk.

There are many ways in which they can enhance milk production by making dietary changes and by taking supplements. But it is important to combine these with regular breastfeeding. When you breastfeed your baby hormones are released. These act as a signal to the brain that more nutrient rich milk needs to be produced.

is a herbal supplement that has been known since centuries to help with milk production. New mothers should be given fenugreek in raw, powder or pill form. There are fenugreek herbal teas also available which can be taken for increasing the quantity of milk.

There are many companies that have prepared herbal supplements for milk enhancement in breastfeeding mothers. These supplements are available in the form of pills and teas and are a combination of 4-5 herbs. Check for the supplements that are mostly natural. At this stage of motherhood you don’t want to consume anything chemical.

During the first few days after your baby’s birth you can squeeze milk from the breasts using a breast pump. Once you have collected a sufficient amount of milk to suit your baby’s need you can bottle feed it to the baby. Pumping milk acts as a trigger to the brain to enhance the milk production in the body.

Once you are comfortable with the milk supply breastfeed the baby at regular intervals. This will not only help with the milk production but also make you bond with the baby during nursing time. When your baby feeds well it will help him or her prepare for a healthy life. Breastfeeding will ease out your discomfort as well that is caused by full breasts.

You should empty one breast completely before latching your baby to the other for feed. Always offer the other breast when one breast is empty. You can try squeezing the breast for milk while the baby is drinking. This helps when the baby only sucks for comfort without drinking.
If you still have problems with milk production consult your doctor for medication that can be safely consumed.

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Anubha Pandey