How To Potty Train Your Boy?

Potty training is a milestone in your child’s development. It will also be a huge step for the parents who can heave a sigh of relief. But before you get there, a lot of effort and understanding is required.

If your boy is able to stay dry for about 2 – 3 hours then it is time to start his potty training. Most often, parents find it difficult to potty train boys more than the girls. One of the reasons for this could be because it is the mother who is the designated potty trainer in the house and she is not exactly the right role model for the boy.

Potty training a boy child is a two-step process. First they will have to learn to do it sitting down and then learn to do it standing up. First take a note as to how many times your boy defecates and urinates every day.

And then take your child along with you to pick up a good potty chair. Let your child select a potty chair that he loves. Make him understand that henceforth the potty chair will be exclusively for him to do his poo poo. Demonstrate and show him how to use the potty chair.

If your child is excited about the potty chair, then you have won half the battle already. There are many innovative potty chairs that come variety of designs and with sound effects that would interest your child to use it again and again. Explain the entire process of potty to your son every time he sits in the chair.

Make your child sit in the chair soon after he wakes up in the morning and at an interval of every 3 – 4 hours in a day. Show him how to remove his underpants before sitting in the potty. During the initial period of the training, you can also give him special treats and candies each time he gets the potty process right.

Once your child is comfortable with the sitting down process, you can move to the second stage of the training. You will have to enlist the father’s or the brother’s help for this process. Make them show the child how to pee standing up and let them do the same with their potty chair. Initially there will be lots of accidents but your boy will soon learn to aim right.

Teaching your child proper hygiene is also very important especially since they tend to carry these habits all through their life. Demonstrate how to flush the toilet, wipe the seat and most of important of all, to put the toilet seat down. Tell them that washing one’s hands with a sanitizer and soap is a must in the entire process.