How To Prepare Your Child For A Baby Sitter?

Having a baby can change your life in many ways. For one thing, you cannot rush out of the house to do shopping, catch a movie at the theatre or arrange a date with your husband without making some arrangements. Babysitters come handy here.

But first you will have to prepare your child to trust this new person enough to let you go out of sight. Introduce the new baby sitter to your child and see how they interact. Stay at home to watch how the baby sitter keeps the child engaged and whether your child enjoys the company of the sitter.

If everything goes well at the trial run, then you can go in for the first baby-sitting session. Initially let it be for just 1 hour or 1 ½ hours. Show the baby sitter where you keep the toys and favorite snacks for the kid. Give your mobile number to the sitter and ask her to call you if they need anything. Before leaving, tell the kid that you will be back within 1 hour and that the baby sitter would take care of them.

If you are overtly worried or apprehensive about leaving, the kid might pick up on that and throw a tantrum. Relax, you are not abandoning your kid so you don’t have to feel guilty about it. It is not a crime to try to take some time off for yourself. Let the kid know that you implicitly trust the sitter but at any point if they need you, they just have to call you.

Some parents sneak out of the house, without saying goodbye. Don’t ever do that. This sort of behavior will trigger lot of complications where the child might lose its trust on you and their fear of abandonment will only increase.

Before selecting a baby sitter, do a thorough background check and get as many references as possible. Talk to other parents and friends and find out who they use. Make sure your sitter is a safe, trustworthy person before handing over your child to them.

Once you are out of the house, do not stress yourself by calling home every five minutes. You will be making your baby sitter nervous and if the kid comes to know that you are calling, he or she might start throwing a tantrum asking for you. Let the baby sitter do her job. If you are confident about your choice of baby sitter, then you need not worry. Relax and enjoy your time out.