How to Prepare Yourself for Breastfeeding

If you are pregnant for the first time, it is important for you to learn the successful breastfeeding techniques. Breastfeeding can actually be much more challenging than your estimation about it. If you have never breastfed a baby, you must not be aware of the problems like sore nipples and breast engorgement among others.

However, nursing can become a comfortable and easy experience if a would-be-mom prepares her body and mind for the new experience prior to the arrival of her baby.

Consider Joining Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Prenatal breastfeeding classes can really help you to get familiar with all the aspects of breastfeeding. By joining such a class at the local hospital or a clinic, you can learn everything from nipple care to proper latching of the baby. You can join a breastfeeding class in the final trimester of pregnancy to enhance your knowledge about the process, which will definitely increase your chances of success.

Things You Must Purchase

If you have always ignored the nursing accessories lying at the maternity section of your favorite shopping place, it is the right time for you to familiarize with them. While you must avoid purchasing unnecessary items, there are some things that you will really need. Nipple creams, nursing pads, nursing bras are the three most important things that every nursing mom must have. You may also purchase a supportive pillow, nipple shields and a breast pump as per your requirement. While a pillow will help you feed the baby more comfortably, you may require a breast pump for expressing milk. Nipple shields are useful to relieve the pain if nipples are too sore.

Prepare Your Nipples

If you start caring for your nipples during the third trimester of pregnancy, you can prevent the common breastfeeding problems like nipple soreness and pain. You can start using a nipple ointment with lanolin to moisturize the nipples, which will help avoid soreness in future. Massaging the breast and exposing them to air will also help prepare your nipples for breastfeeding.

These suggestions will help you avoid any forthcoming breastfeeding problems. However, you must also get the contact number of a lactation consultant to get the professional advice if required.

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