How To Prevent Listeriosis During Pregnancy

It is common for the pregnant women to get infected with listeriosis during their pregnancy. If listeriosis is left untreated it may give rise to severe health problems to the fetus and may also affect the mother’s health.

Fetus may contract listeriosis through the mother’s blood. Listeriosis may lead to miscarriage and premature babies. It may also cause many birth defects in the newborns.

Listeriosis is mainly contracted through contaminated foods and drinks.

A pregnant woman needs to take precautionary measures to keep listeriosis at bay, in order to give birth to a healthy baby. Some tips on how to prevent listeriosis during pregnancy are given below.

Uncooked meat is a common source of spreading listeriosis infection. Generally soil contains bacteria that cause listeriosis. Animals brought up and reared on such farms contract listeriosis easily.

Hence when a pregnant woman eats undercooked meat she may get infected with listeriosis.

You should not eat processed meats, hot dogs, luncheon meats and deli meats without heating/steaming them properly. You should also avoid the consumption of unpasteurized milk and other foods that are made from it. Food products that are unpasteurized may have harmful bacteria; hence avoid them completely.

You can eat soft cheeses like brie and feta if their labels indicate that they are pasteurized.  Smoked sea foods, pate and meat spreads that need refrigeration should be completely eliminated from the diet of pregnant woman, if you want to prevent her from being infected with listeriosis.

You should not keep uncooked foods with other foods. Keep uncooked foods separately. You must remove all soils and dirt from the fruits and vegetables before cooking or eating. Wash them thoroughly before using them. Do not eat foodstuffs which have crossed their expiry (use-by) dates.

It is very important to follow hygiene during your pregnancy. Since listeriosis bacteria may reside in the raw foods, your kitchen area should be kept clean. If you cook raw meat, you must take double precautions.

It is also essential to store your food in the approved manner.

If you leave raw food out of your refrigerator and then put it back again, you let bacteria to thrive. Hence keep your raw foods into the refrigerator at 40 degree Fahrenheit.

Keep your hands clean by washing them often especially after doing or handling unhygienic jobs such as changing diapers, handling pets, using bathroom, etc.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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