How To Prevent Macrosomia

How To Prevent MacrosomiaMacrosomia is a medical implication in which the fetus inside the mother’s womb grows exceptionally large. The babies born in such cases are typically of 8kg’s and more. Most babies under such conditions complete their full term before delivery. In many cases the large size of the baby causes pre-mature delivery. It is necessary that before we learn how to prevent Macrosomia, we understand the reasons that cause Macrosomia.

Causes of Macrosomia

One of the most usual causes of Macrosomia is diabetes. Gestational diabetes in mothers causes them to gain weight and as such the baby too increases in weight. This results in the birth of an overweight baby. Other than gestational diabetes, obese mothers too are at high risk of suffering from Macrosomia. Mothers who gain unprecedented weight as a result of overeating or an unhealthy diet are prone to give birth to large, overweight babies. Finally, genetics is another cause that can be the reason behind Macrosomia. For instance, women with a Hispanic lineage deliver large babies.

How to Prevent Macrosomia

Keep a Track of the Sugar Level

As explained in the above section, one of the main causes of Macrosomia is gestational diabetes. Pregnant women suffering from this diabetic condition must maintain a record of their blood sugar level. A slight rise in the sugar level should be immediately reported to respective caregivers. In most cases, insulin is prescribed to keep diabetes under control.

Would-be mothers should restrict themselves from taking sugar or sugar related food products. Prenatal care should be taken during the early stages of pregnancy so that women with gestational diabetes are guided properly through their pregnancy.

Manage Weight during Pregnancy

One of the other reasons for Macrosomia is obesity. Mothers will have to follow a healthy diet to keep a check on their body weight during the pregnancy period.

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One of the ways in which you can reduce the risk of becoming overweight while providing the baby with proper nutrition is by dividing the meal into small portions. Instead of overeating in a single meal, a would-be mother is advised to eat small portions of food at regular intervals.  This helps in the proper absorption of the food into the blood system while maintaining the mother and child’s weight.

Early Diagnosis

Early diagnosis of Macrosomia is essential to prevent any complications during birth. Women with genetic diabetic background or those with a history of obese babies are continuously checked for their sugar levels and overall weight. Ultrasounds are used to ascertain the weight of the fetus.

A cesarean section is recommended for a fetus that is too large. Moreover, babies born under such condition need to be fed immediately after birth as there remains the risk of the baby suffering from low glucose levels.

More than ten percent of babies born in the world suffer from the condition of Macrosomia. The condition can become fatal for both the mother and the child if pre-natal care and advice is not followed properly.