How To Prevent Miscarriage

Maintaining healthy lifestyle and few simple precautions can prevent and minimize chances of miscarriage. Miscarriage is the body’s way to deal with a difficult situation. Miscarriages occurring from genetic abnormalities are hard to prevent. In such cases body of a woman terminate pregnancy in early stages.

However, there are conditions that are known to trigger miscarriage, which requires special attention and treatment, before and during pregnancy. Here are some tips that would help you to thwart risks of miscarriage.

Preventing miscarriage cannot be done by taking pills. A pregnant woman should be aware of her responsibilities. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sound health is imperative to have healthy pregnancy. Before you become pregnant, eat healthy diet, exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight and try to remain stress free. As you become pregnant, quit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Try not to take illegal or over the counter drugs.

Avoid activities or sports that may cause injury to your abdomen. Stay away from environmental hazards and areas prone to radiation. While these factors may not be direct causes of miscarriage, staying alert helps to create an environment that is conducive for healthy growth of child in womb.

Progesterone hormone is required to sustain pregnancy. Deficiency of progesterone may trigger repeated miscarriage. Supplements of progesterone at early stage of pregnancy may help to prevent miscarriage in women who suffer from such deficiency. Infections and diseases may also cause miscarriage. Diabetes, immunity disorder, kidney and heart diseases, problems due to thyroid and sexually transmitted diseases may trigger miscarriage.

Consult your doctor if you are suffering from any such health disorder and planning to become pregnant. There are some physical problems that may be treated to prevent miscarriage. Recurrent miscarriage due to irregular shape of uterus may be prevented by corrective surgery. Cervical stitch may be used to hold a weak cervix for preventing miscarriage.

Anxiety and stress are some emotional factors that may trigger miscarriage. Try to remain de-stress, relaxed and happy during pregnancy. This may be done by reading books, listening to music or spending some happy moments with your friends. Try to practice meditation and yoga.