How To Protect Your Child From Child Molesters?

Everyday we hear a new story about how a child got abused. As parents, it is our responsibility to protect and safeguard our child from these adults who use our kids for their sexual gratification.

Trust your gut feeling always. Almost in 90% of cases the child molester is a known family member or a close friend. Most often child molesters would try to spend as much time as possible with children.

If a family member or a close friend is always trying to find ways to stay alone with your kid and you do not feel comfortable about it then take whatever steps are necessary to put a stop to it. Remember that your first responsibility would be the safety of your kid so even if you have to go against your family and peers do not back off.

Do not hire strangers as caregivers. Make a thorough background check before you allow anybody near your child. Child molesters are often repeat offenders. So everybody will have a history. You can also fit nanny cams in your house to check out what exactly your babysitter is doing.

Do not encourage sleepovers unless you are very familiar and comfortable with the friend’s family. Make sure that there will be a trusted person, friend’s mom or dad who will always keep an eye on the kid.

Have an easy and open relationship with your child. Allow them to voice their opinion when they are not comfortable with any situation. Do not encourage them to obey adults at all times. A child that does not voice his opinion and obeys everything that you say is likely to obey the child molester too.

If you are leaving the child with a caregiver or a family member, tell them that this person would take care of them, but you will always be available for them when they need you. Encourage your child to report to you if they found anything uncomfortable or undesirable. Most often child molesters select children who are timid and are not likely to report them.

Listen to your children. If your child dislikes somebody and does not want to be left alone with them, then take your child seriously and listen to them. Trust your child’s instinct and protect them from such people.

Talk to your child about adults who touch inappropriately. Show them what a safe touch and unsafe touch is. Encourage them to say ‘no’ when anybody touches them in their unsafe manner. Tell them that they are allowed to scream and run out if anybody touches them inappropriately.

Child Molesters would generally try to lure the kid with chocolates or other treats. In some cases, they would use the child’s love for pets to get them into their house. Warn your child about strangers and let them say ‘no’ to treats offered by them. Always remember that your child is vulnerable and innocent and they depend upon you to protect them from sexual abuse even if the perpetrator is a spouse.