How To Relief Pregnancy Allergy

How To Relief Pregnancy AllergyPregnancy is not the best of times when you can relax and enjoy the joys of being an expectant mother. There are a number of diseases and allergies that you have to keep a watch for in order to prevent complications and also to nip them at the bud.

Many allergies mysteriously crop up during pregnancy which you may have never had before. Therefore it is a good idea to know what medications and treatment methods can be safely adopted at home or otherwise, and when to call a doctor when you have an allergy symptom that cannot be treated at home. It is also a good idea to keep away from allergy causing substances and triggers. With pregnancy, prevention is surely better than cure.

When you have an allergy symptom during pregnancy, it becomes difficult to treat on your own as in most cases, pregnant women are not aware of what OTC drugs can be safely consumed and what to avoid. Allergies during pregnancy cannot be ignored altogether either, thinking that it will rectify on its own. You now have the welfare of the baby as well in your mind. All these things could be stressing you out thoroughly.

Avoid Allergens to Keep Away From Allergies

When you are expecting, you have to be extra cautious about what you do, eat or drink. An allergy can be caused from anywhere and before you know, you are down with an allergic attack.  Avoid all things and food items that you are allergic to during the pregnant months.

You must also avoid having foods that you have never tried before. You never know which one you are allergic to and do not want an allergy attack at this stage! Stay away from all kinds of trials during pregnancy to remain allergy free all throughout the nine months of your pregnancy.

Stay Away From Pets

It is a wise idea to stay away from pets when you are pregnant. Pets can trigger a number of allergies, especially their fur could cause allergies and parasitic attacks on pregnant women. Keep your pets outdoors when you are pregnant in order to prevent fleas and other types of insects from getting into the house.

Once these infestations take place, allergies follow naturally. Cleaning your house with chemicals and pesticides is an absolute no-no during pregnancy. Therefore, keep your house and surroundings free from allergens and things that may cause allergies.

Netti Pot For Clearing Sinus Problems

Pregnancy Allergy

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For those pregnant women who are susceptible to sinus attacks during pregnancy which is way too common than you assume, do not suffer in silence thinking that you have to avoid medications. There are wonderful home remedies that can be used for complete relief.

A netti pot is an Indian invention that helps in clearing sinus blocks and helping the pregnant woman get relief and freedom from a locked nose and pain in the head and eye. Fill a netti pot with water and flush out the mucous by putting water in one nostril and removing it through the other. This can be repeated a few times until you nasal blockages are cleared off completely without medications.

Saline Nasal Spray for Clearing Nose and Throat

Saline nasal spray can be made at home for clearing sinus problems and also for gargling the throat in case of a sore throat. A sore throat and nasal blockages are great thriving places for bacteria and in pregnant women they can even be dangerous as they can travel down your throat.

Saline solution can be made by adding a teaspoon of salt to warm water and using this for clearing your nose. Saline solution can be used several times a day for gargling your throat too to clear away the action of bacteria.

However, when you use a nasal spray, make sure that you do not overuse it as it can lead to recurrence. Use it only for 2-3 days in a row and not more than that. Gargling can be done as much time as you want until the sore throat clear away.

Antihistamines During Pregnancy

Antihistamines which belong to the B category of drugs are known to be safe during pregnancy. ‘B’ category drugs are those drugs that have been tested safe on pregnant animals but not on pregnant women. Most of these medications have not shown any side effects. Medicines in the antihistamine category like chlorpheniramine and tripelennamine are sometimes administered on pregnant women to treat symptoms of allergies.

There are certain OTC drugs like Claritin and Zyrtec which too are antihistamine medications that can be used safely during pregnancy. But a pregnant woman must still never take OTC drugs without the consent of the doctor who treats her.

She could have allergies to these drugs and also might have other complications which do not allow her to take these drugs. Always ensure that you take medications only if it is absolutely necessary whether the medication is considered safe or not. Very few medications have actually been tested on pregnant women due to the risk of harm to the foetus.

Decongestants During pregnancy

Decongestants must be avoided during the first trimester of pregnancy when the foetus has its vital organs still in the developing stage. Administering decongestants in the first trimester will lead to gastroschisis which is a condition wherein the baby’s intestines are located outside its body. Decongestants belong to ‘C’ category medications which specify that while administered on pregnant animals, they have shown negative results that harmed the baby.

However, in certain cases, these drugs could be administered under the doctor’s guidance when there are instances where the pregnant woman and the baby would have more benefits by taking them than the risks associated with it.

Immunotherapy During Pregnancy

Immunotherapy is generally not recommended during pregnancy. However, if the pregnant woman has been taking shorts before she became pregnant, the doctors could advise her to continue with a possible reduction in the dosage by about fifty percent to protect the baby from the harmful effects. Many doctors still advise against allergy shots as there is a risk of the baby getting anaphylaxis.


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