How To Remain Beautiful During Pregnancy

How To Remain Beautiful During PregnancyAlong with excitement, pregnancy is accompanied with the perception of fading beauty of the would be mother. There is no denying the fact, that due to changes in the hormone levels inside the body certain undesirable changes start taking its toll on the skin, hair, teeth, and eyes of the woman, but appropriate care taken during this period reverses these effects and you’ll be able to keep your beauty intact.

Also after the arrival of the bundle of joy in your life,  you’ll be left with very less time for yourself for sometime atleast, so utilise this luxury of some personal moments on your personal care.

Tips to Remain Beautiful During Pregnancy

Skin Care 

While pregnant your skin has to bear the brunt of changing hormone levels in the body.The skin looses its moisture and becomes dry. Dark spots, medically refered as chloasma starts appearing on the face and the skin of the hands and feet gets chapped due to dryness.

As pregnancy progresses, stretch marks too appear. Even in some women the skin of the under arm area and thighs gets darker in complexion. Here is a summary of some tips that can be followed to deal with these skin problems.

Tips to Deal With Chloasma

Apply aloe vera gel twice or thrice daily. Applying the pulp of papaya also helps in bringing that luscious glow of your skin back. Applying grated cucumber juice or tomato juice mixed with turmeric powder on your face has desired effect. It also soothes the itchy skin of the abdomen area.

Tips to Deal With Stretch Marks

Applying aloe vera gel on the stretched skin of thighs and abdomen area hydrates it providing elasticity, thus minimising their appearance.

Tips to Deal With Chapped Skin

Exessive heat of your body during this period or outside cold weather can make your feet dry and flaky.

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An easy way to get back your soft feet is by applying the concoction of honey and lemon juice at night before sleeping and then preferably wearing socks throughout night.

Hair Care

It is very imperative to take extra care of your hair particularly during the first trimester in which most  women face the problem of hair fall. Besides this, due to dryness of the scalp, the dandruff accentuates and further deteriorates the quality of your hair.

Tips to Deal With Hairfall and Dandruff

Hot oil massage is a must once or twice a week. Applying a concoction of sesame oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, and germanium oil works wonders to stop hair fall. Gooseberry (amla) powder or orange rind powder should be used to get rid of the dandruff problem.

Curd  can also be used for dandruff. Egg is a natural conditioner with lots of esential proteins that are required for lustrous hair. The smell of the egg can be countered by adding few drops of white vinegar to it and then thoroughly washing the hair after sometime.

Eye care

In some cases dark circles and puffiness under the eyes makes the face look very pale.

Tips to Deal With Dark Circles and Puffiness Under Eyes

Putting a damp swab dipped in cold water or cold milk on your eyes for 10 minutes relaxes them a lot. Massaging the eye zone with apple or papaya pulp helps in diminishing the dark circles.