How to Remain Healthy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a celebration time for most women. Unfortunately there are some women who do not get to enjoy their pregnant state for health-related reasons. Many would-be-mothers are plagued with illnesses and conditions that they never suffered before.For a woman to have a healthy baby it is important that she takes good care of herself during pregnancy and avoids any health related issues. While avoiding all illnesses might not be possible, precaution can be taken to remain healthy and fit during pregnancy.

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is very important during pregnancy. Consuming proteins and vitamins not only helps in the baby’s development but also keeps the mother safe from many ills. This does not mean you let go of carbs. You can binge occasionally and even substitute unhealthy cravings with healthy foods.

Follow a regular exercise schedule. This does not necessarily mean hitting the gym every day. You can go walking and swimming. Even doing yoga exercises will help you remain fit and healthy. Deep breathing exercises are another way of keeping illness at bay. Just ensure that your exercises do not put pressure on your stomach and lower abdomen. Stick with low impact exercises.

Do not skip any doctor appointments. It is important that you go for regular checkups in order to ensure that you and the baby are doing fine. The doctor will also be able to give you a better estimate of your health as well as the baby’s.

Inform your doctor of any genetic problems that are likely to show up during pregnancy. Dealing with the genetic problems during early stages of pregnancy helps combat them better. The doctor will be able to help you with the problem by putting you on medication right away.If there are precautions to be taken your doctor will inform you of the same.

Avoid eating outside as much as possible. Keep alcohol drinking to a minimum and avoid smoking cigarettes altogether.

Despite taking all precautions and cares there will be times when you will feel a little under the weather. Don’t take any medication on your own. Always consult your doctor especially during emergency. Do take your vitamin and iron pills regularly. Don’t give in to bouts of depression and anxiety during illnesses. You will put your baby’s health at risk.

Anubha Pandey