How To Return To Pre-Pregnancy Weight

How To Return To Pre-Pregnancy WeightEvery woman cherishes her pregnancy and loves feeling the growth and development of her baby inside her womb. However mothers, after having a baby, are quite eager on wanting to quickly attain their pre-pregnancy weight and figure.

While it is a very good sign of being active and it also helps you stay motivated to losing weight, rushing into it can be very harmful for your baby and your health and body. During pregnancy women gain weight usually on their hips and thighs because as the baby grows it becomes harder to stand up as such sitting down or lying down is the easiest option.

This way all the fat accumulation tends to get diverted to these regions. Therefore when looking to regain your pre-pregnancy figure and weight you have to be really specific because losing weight all over your body will be very harmful. There are lots of effective ways of healthily returning to your pre-pregnancy weight; however you must be a little patient and understanding.

This way with just a little amount of work you will be able to gain your pre-pregnancy weight in no time. Contrary to belief, breast feeding is one of the most effective ways of losing pregnancy weight. Each feeding consumes around 300 calories as such it is very easy to calculate on average how many calories you would lose each day.

In addition to that adding a little amount of aerobic exercise can do wonders in increasing your stamina, general awareness, and fitness level. Even going on a simple brisk walk for 30 minutes can help tone your hips and thighs incredibly. These are some of the tips discussed that allow you to easily return to your pre-pregnancy weight and once again enjoy your fit and healthy figure.

Breast Feeding

Most women fail to realize this but breast feeding is one of the best ways to lose pregnancy weight. This is because each session of feeding helps burn around 300 calories. There are roughly 3600 calories in a pound, as such with feeding your child two to three times a day on average, you will be able to lose a pound of weight in just about a week or so. Needless to say this is a more than adequate pace to lose your pregnancy weight at. Also, it is perfectly natural and helps to keep your baby fully nourished and fed.


Swimming is an exercise recommended for everyone and it is an activity for which there is no age bar. If you are looking to lose your pregnancy weight then walking the water is the best option. It might be difficult for you to swim as it will put a lot of pressure on your core, so you should simply try and walk. Also, remember that if you have delivered your baby through a caesarean then you must wait till the stitches have healed and there is absolutely no pain left. Walking in water burns a lot of calories and since you need to lose the majority of the weight from your thighs and hips, it is the best exercise to do.

Walking, Jogging, and Running

Try these three as well; however extremely carefully and gradually. Walking will help bring back the flexibility in your body and help reshape your ankles. Ankles usually swell up during pregnancy and it can become quite hard to walk as such it is a good idea to walk daily for at least 30 minutes to regain that movement and motion. A month after having had your baby, you can try and jog for a little while. This will help regulate all the fat evenly and help you lose a lot of weight very quickly.


Return To Pre-Pregnancy Weight
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Meditation and yoga are very beneficial for losing pregnancy weight. The different positions or asana in yoga help focus on specific parts of the body allowing you to lose weight in those areas very effectively. In addition to that you can achieve a lot of physical as well as mental peace through yoga.

Having a Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet is very crucial for two reasons. One being that your diet determines the level of quality of your breast milk. The healthier you milk is the healthier your baby will be. If your milk is lacking in nutrition then your baby can suffer deficiencies of various sorts.

In addition to that the second reason is that if you go back to having an unhealthy diet filled with junk foods then you will never be able to lose weight. Rather you will end up adding more calories and fat to your body, making it all the more difficult to tone your body. Eat lots of vegetables, boiled and steamed, as well as lean meat, along with large amounts of healthy fluids.

Staying Active

Do not let yourself be lethargic or lazy. It will take over you very easily and quickly. Always keep on your toes and find something to do. This way you will stay active and your mind will be alert. Just staying active will keep your body awake and allow you to burn calories. Anything you do requires energy and your body produces this by burning calories and fat. Find light and easy chores to do so that you can stay active all the time.


Staying active is perhaps the most important of all because by staying active you are constantly in motion, which henceforth will allow you to burn fat and calories. You have to remember that you only need to lose weight around your belly and your hips and thighs; as such you should only be concentrating on exercises that help you achieve the above.

You cannot afford to do exercises that affect your breasts in any way, shape, or form because they are the best and sole source of nourishment for your baby. Always keep your baby fed, because this will help you burn calories too. Remember to exercise, stay active and always sleep on time. This will help you very quickly and easily retain your pre-pregnancy weight.


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