How To Select The Right Baby Bath-Tub

Bathing an infant requires a lot of care especially in the first few months. Baby bath tubs are specially designed to make bathing fun and safe for infants. A baby bath tub can fit in a large sink in your kitchen or elsewhere and make it much easier for you to bathe your little one.

Moreover, a baby bath tub has many additional safety features which can help you handle a wet and squirmy infant safely. Here are a few points you must consider before you buy a bath tub for your little one.

Look for a bath tub that is made of thick plastic and is sturdy. You want the bath tub to hold the weight of your baby as well as water being used, hence it must be such that it should be strong and sturdy. The next important factor to be considered is the size of the tub. Look to buy a bath tube that holds your baby when he/she is small and then converts to a bigger tub when the baby grows older.

This way you can use the bath tub for a longer time and make it a value purchase. When your baby is small, you don’t want too much room in the bath tub as this may pose a risk of your baby slipping out.

There are many models in the market that have adjustable positioners allowing you to utilize the tub space as per your baby’s size and need. Added safety features such as a thermometer that indicates if the water is too hot for your baby, water level indicators that show how much water level is safe for the baby, etc are desirable when you are buying a baby tub.

While buying a baby bath tub keep in mind the space constraints of your home. If you do not have enough space to store a large baby bath tub, there are foldable varieties available that can be conveniently folded and put away after use. A tub with a soft rubber insert at the base and the top where your baby’s head rests will make it comfortable for your baby to bathe in the hard plastic tub.


  • priya

    Thanks for this valuable info people lk first time mom lk me this kind of info is very helpful,can u suggest me what kind of bathtub has both made of hard plastic n can easily foldable due to place constraints