How to Select the Right Baby Stroller

As a new parent one of the most important baby products you will be buying is a baby stroller. A baby stroller makes things much easier when travelling or moving around with a baby.

There are many types of strollers available in the market and you can select the type of stroller needed based on your budget and lifestyle. This article discusses some crucial points you must keep in mind when buying a baby stroller.

Since the stroller will be used to carry your baby outdoors, sturdy construction and enhanced safety features are most important. The metal frame of the stroller must be sturdy and stable. Check if the stroller is stable enough to carry the weight of your baby.

There should be no sharp edges or corners. Ensure that all seams and edges are smoothly welded so that there is no risk of injury to your baby.  The baby must be well-secured when in the stroller and a five-point harness is best suited for this purpose.

There must be safety belts holding the baby at the shoulders, waist and crotch. A good breaking system is an important safety consideration for your baby’s stroller. The breaking system of the stroller must allow it to be parked safely without the stroller rolling down or moving away. The four wheels of the stroller must be well-balanced to prevent tipping.

The seat of stroller must be thick and well-padded to provide your baby maximum comfort. A seat lined with washable fabric is ideal since the seat can quickly get dirty. Check if the stroller’s canopy is sufficiently large enough to protect the baby from weather elements such as sunlight and rain.

If you want the stroller to last longer even when your baby grows, you may want to buy a stroller with an adjustable seat, providing more room to accommodate a growing baby. A stroller with more weight holding capacity of 40 pounds or more is ideal if you want to use it for a longer time with a growing baby.

Ensure you are comfortable with the height of the handles on the stroller. There are strollers with adjustable handles and also padded handles for added convenience and comfort.