How To Select The Right Breast Pump

Returning to work after your maternity leave is tough for most new mothers, especially with concerns about how you will manage to continue breastfeeding your little one.

However, breast pumps offer you the flexibility to pump your milk and offer it to your baby when you are away. The variety and choices of breast pumps available in the market can seem over-whelming and confusing for most new mothers. This article discusses some critical points that will help you decide what type of a breast pump is ight for you.

The first question that will help you decide the right type of breast pump is the frequency of your pumping and for how long you will remain away from your baby. If you plan to be a stay-at-home mom then you may not need a breast-pump at all.

If you want to purchase a breast pump so that you can take a break once in a while and go out for sometime or catch up on some sleep, try a manual breast pump which is inexpensive.

Manual breast pumps usually use the motion of the hands for pumping, hence if you are suffering from any physical problems of the arms, hands or shoulders a manual breast pump may not work for you even though you may not be pumping too often.

There are some inexpensive varieties of small electric pumps or battery-operated pumps also available. You could also explore these options in case you do not want to go in for a manual pump. Do remember that most of these inexpensive pumps have low suction capacity and cannot be used to pump more than one breast at a time.

For new moms who will be returning to work shortly after delivery, buying a high-quality dual-breast electric pump is highly recommended. Such a pump will have greater suction capacity, allowing milk to be pumped from both breasts simultaneously.

This helps you to completely pump your milk in a short time – a boon for working mothers pumping milk at their work-places. If your job involves frequent travel and commuting throughout the day, you may need to select a breast pump that is compact and easy to transport.

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