How to Stay In Shape While You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is a joyous occasion but it does take its toll on the mother-to-be physically and mentally. A lot of pregnant women under the influence of surging hormones and kindly meant advices fall prey to ravenous eating and improper cravings. However, if you want to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape soon after delivery, you will have to stay in top shape even during pregnancy.

A simple and obvious way to stay in shape during pregnancy is to eat well. But pregnant women overlook this. Being pregnant does not mean you give in to your cravings of unhealthy junk food, sweets and desserts. A pregnant woman should eat 2300 calories per day.

These calories should come from healthy foods that are good sources of protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy carbohydrates. Eating calorie rich food is only going to pile extra pounds on you without providing any nutrition. Eating healthy will keep you and your baby healthy.

Include a lot of green leafy vegetables in your diet. Green vegetables are a rich source of iron which is specifically required by the mothers-to-be. Iron helps prevent anemia. Anemia can lower your energy levels making you feel drained out. Your doctor will have no choice but to put you on bed rest which will make you pile on weight faster.

Do not use pregnancy as an excuse to become a couch potato. Unless you have been specifically given bed rest you should engage in physical activities like walking, swimming and even cycling.

Taking up prenatal yoga is also a good way of ensuring that you will not have problems getting back into shape post delivery. However, be careful when you exercise. Avoid all strenuous exercise that will likely cause injuries.

Do not become lazy during pregnancy. Continue with your pre-pregnancy routine unless there are some specific activities that you would rather not do in your pregnant state.

You can continue with activities like cooking, washing and cleaning. But do not lift any heavy weights or climb too many stairs. You can engage in a lot of physical activities as long as you do not harm yourself and the baby.

Eat six small meals in day instead of three large meals. Every time you crave a sweet or a dessert reach out for a fresh fruit. However, you are also allowed to give in to your craving once a while.

Anubha Pandey