How to Stop New Born Form Crying

New born could be tough to handle, especially if you have become mon for the first time. There are several things which you may not be aware of while you begin with your parenting world. The most common problems which turns new mother’s life into hell is crying of baby.

When you are new to it, it takes time to understand why you baby is crying, how to know the reason behind it and methods to tackle it. so here are some reasons why your baby cries and suggestions of how you can deal with them.

Food hunger is probably one of the most common reasons why your baby cries. You must understand that your baby has a tiny stomach so it requires food in every 3 to 4 hours. Try feeding him through breast as breast milk contains essential nutrients for the baby.

Do not forget to ensure burping of child. Another reason for the baby cry could be that she is not comfortable. May be her nappy is wet, she has itching somewhere, her clothes are too much tight, etc  so to deal with that, change nappy immediately when you realize she is crying because of it and as for clothes, ensure you make your baby wear loose clothes.

As for cloth fabric, cotton is always recommended. Do not completely wrap the baby as it could ban its movements. Let the baby feel free and so wrap the baby but loosely.

You may think that that your baby needs to be clean and warm all the time but it is important that you must know that the baby should not be given bath every day. Bathe her in 2 or three days in a lukewarm. Check the water and make sure it is neither too hot nor too cold so that the baby does not cry.

And also, keep your baby comfortable in every season. For winters, put blanket on it but not the hard ones. Make sure they are light and soft. Check if the baby feels hot in every 3 hours and remove blanket if it does. So this is how you take care of the needs of new born.