How to Stop Your Feeding Gradually

By the time your baby is four months old your milk may not be enough for him and the doctor will advice you as to exactly when you should start. It is most likely that you will begin with your baby’s first semi solid food in the morning as breakfast or in the evening as a snack. When you start you are actually substituting one of your feeds.

By the time you start with semi solids your baby would be having a set pattern of feeding and after he has had a fruit you need not feed him. This is an extremely difficult process whereby you stop each feed when you replace it with a semi solid. The baby will cry for milk but you need to be in control of yourself and not give in to his demands. Instead give him water. If you feed him you are making it only more difficult for yourself. The child will cry hysterically for a long time and you probably will too. Allow someone else to handle him at this time as if you give him milk he will understand that crying will give him what he wants.

Your baby knows your smell so it is better to stay away from him. He will eventually cry himself to sleep and the same process will be repeated again. This can go on for three to four days but the baby will understand crying is getting him nowhere and will finally sleep automatically. And you would have successfully cut out one feed.

When your baby starts his next semi solid and you substitute the next feed the whole crying process will repeat once again. This too will pass in a few days. The most important thing is to be strong and understand that it is okay for your child to cry. He has been fed and cannot be hungry. Crying in children is normal and is good for the lungs so bear with it and it shall pass. Follow this pattern and you will slowly stop one feed at a time and begin to get your life back. You can pick and choose which feed you would like to stop according to what suits you best.