How To Teach A Child Not To Be Angry

How To Teach A Child Not To Be AngryDealing with children who do not know how to express their anger in an acceptable manner can be very tough. Angry children tend to take their anger out on some other person by blaming, screaming or hitting him.

Thus it becomes very important to tame the temper of such children and the only way to do so is by teaching them how to not be angry.

Sway Away Negative Emotions

In order to know how to deal with angry children you must know how to teach a child not to be angry. It is important for them to learn that having angry feelings is emotionally healthy but expressing it the wrong way can be dangerous. Teachers and parents can do a lot in this regard. They can help the children suppress their anger at the right moment and thus teach them to stay calm.

While teaching a child to control anger you must focus on his behavior. It should be taught to him that issues which instill anger in their minds can be solved calmly. They should be made to think of alternatives in order to overcome their anger.

Give Attention and Time To Your Kid

Sometimes children feel that others don’t love them when elders or their peers refuse to give them time or play with them. This makes them feel as if the people around them are mean. The children should be taught that they are not hated or unwanted. They should be taught that sadness is a better feeling than anger.

Mind Your Language

You must make sure that you do not speak angrily or speak abusive languages when the children are near you. If they see you hitting someone or screaming at someone they will feel that expressing anger violently causes no harm to people.

Teach Ways:

When you think of how to teach a child not to be angry you must bear in mind that that he needs to learn how to control anger as well. This can be done by teaching him to be engaged in some physical activity like running, punching a bag, tearing newspaper, pounding nails, etc. Peaceful methods of meditation, taking a warm bath or writing down one’s own feelings in a diary or a piece of paper can help reduce anger to a greater extent.

When you see a child losing his temper make sure you hold him tight. This enables him to relax and calm down. It is very much important to listen to a child and support him in every possible way but also correct him when he is wrong. You must encourage him when he is in his best behavior in front of elders or guests.

How to teach a child not to be angry can sound frustrating but it can be done through few easy steps. The parents should ask their children about events that cause anger. Such events should then be avoided as much as possible. This will indirectly help them eradicate fear of being bullied by others. It must be remembered that children lose their temper at times when they feel helpless. So, it’s the responsibility of the grown-ups to help them channel it through productive outlets.

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