How To Tell If You Are In Labor

Actually there is no way of predicting labor pain. Your body starts preparing itself at least a month before it goes into labor. You may be unaware of these changes in your body.

But you may begin to notice some of the changes in your body. Here are some signs which can tell you that you may go into labor soon.

You feel more Braxton hick contractions

Very frequent and strong Braxton hick contractions are one of the sure signs of labor. Some women also experience menstrual cramps like feeling during this time.

Your cervix starts to ripen

When you are near your due date, your midwife may examine your cervix during the vaginal exam to see the changes in your cervix.

You seem to feel that your baby has “dropped”

If it is your first pregnancy, you may feel heaviness in your pelvis a few weeks before the due date. This is known as lightening.

You pass mucus

You may pass a small amount of thick mucus which seals your cervix during nine months. This mucus may be tinged with pink, brown or even red blood. This is also known as “bloody show”. Having a sexual intercourse during this time may also disturb the mucus plug which can cause some bloody discharge.

Water breaks

Your baby is surrounded by fluid filled amniotic sac during pregnancy. When it ruptures, the fluid starts leaking from your vagina. Weather it is small amount of leakage or large gush. You must call your health care provider or midwife immediately. Even if you do not feel contractions on your own, you will be induced as your baby can get infected with germs without the amniotic sac’s protection.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, your midwife will give you a clear set of guidelines for when to let her know that you are having a labor pain or any other sign of labor. Every woman is different and so the guidelines differ depending on your individual situation.

Every pregnancy is different and so it is not possible to mention all signs of labor. You must always trust your instincts when it comes to your baby and call your midwife immediately if you suspect any problem.

chhavi khullar