How to Tone Your Arms and Upper Chest during Pregnancy

Well toned upper body and arms not only look great but are also of great help during labor and delivery. Postpartum a well exercised upper body will help you meet the demands of holding and feeding a newborn child. Perform these simple exercises to get your upper body and arms in shape.

Stand straight with hands on both sides and feet placed at shoulder length. Inhale as you slowly lift your arms straight on either side. Your body should be in T-shape now. Stay in this position for three seconds. Now slowly bring the arms to the original position while exhaling. This is an easy exercise and you can perform 10 sets with 10 reps in each.

Sit in a semi-reclined manner and support your back with pillows. Your knees should be at level with your chest. Make fists of your hands and put them on your shoulders. As you slowly exhale, raise both your hands well over your head.

While inhaling, bring your hands back slowly to the start position. Start with 5 sets of 10 reps each. As you get used to the exercise and build strength you can even use lightweight dumbbells to perform the exercise. Once you become a pro at the exercise increase the number of sets and the number of reps in each set.

This exercise is very similar to the one given above and both the exercises can be performed one after the other. Make fists of your hands and put them out straight in front of you and above the knees. Bring the fists together. Bend your head and raise your arms slowly while inhaling.

Bring the hands down to the knees while slowly exhaling. Do 5 sets of 10 reps each initially and then begin the same exercise using lightweight dumbbells. This will not only tone the muscles but also help build muscle resistance.

We have all done swimming at some point in our lives. Even those of us who are not familiar with the activity have at least seen other people swim. Observe how the swimmers use their hands to push the water and swim their way forward.

Sit in a comfortable position,
preferably with legs crisscrossed. Now start imitating the hand movements of the swimmers. Begin with 5 sets initially with 10 strokes in each set. Gradually work your way to 15 sets with 20 reps.

Anubha Pandey