How To Travel Safely During Pregnancy

It is neither possible nor advisable to stay at home for nine month when you discover that you are pregnant. A working pregnant woman, in fact will be required to travel till the final few months of pregnancy to meet professional commitments. There are a few simple strategies that can go a long way to reduce the stress involved in travel during pregnancy.

First and foremost, it is important to consult your doctor before you undertake  regular travelling  or if your work involves long distance travelling schedules. If the doctor gives you the green signal, your travel kit must always include addresses and phone numbers of your family members and friends so that they can be contacted by health care professionals in case of an emergency.

It is advisable to have a writing pad that gives details about your blood group, the medicines that you are taking and immunization details. It is very important to include details about the types of medication you are allergic to, so that the doctor is alerted to the fact in case you need medication in an emergency situation.It is advisable to drink lots of water, especially when flying to avoid dehydration. Pregnant women must also avoid travelling during early hours as morning sickness can cause havoc to their travel plans. Sitting for long periods of time can cause swelling in the feet. Women should wear expandable shoes and soft socks while travelling.

It is advisable to get up and walk around if the mode of travel permits you to do so. If you are travelling by a car, remember to stop at regular intervals and stretch out your body and legs to avoid cramps. It will help to a great extent if the legs are kept in a raised position to prevent swelling. If you are travelling to hot and humid locations, remember to carry loose fitting dresses to avoid infections. Stick to cottons and light colored clothes.

As far as possible always travel with a companion. Postpartum depression can affect any pregnant woman. Having a friend or family members by your side can help you combat such situations with ease. Strictly follow pregnancy diet recommended by your gynaecologists. Eat light and healthy food while travelling to avoid heart burns and indigestion.