How To Treat A Chemical Pregnancy

How To Treat A Chemical PregnancyIt can be very shocking to know that you had a miscarriage even before you know that you pregnant. You will be very happy and joyous to know that after months of trying you have finally achieved a positive pregnancy test.

But that happiness is short-lived as just after a week a 2nd pregnancy test may reveal a negative result. This can be devastating for any woman. The sad news is that there are still no established treatments for chemical pregnancies. But still there are ways to deal with this loss and prepare oneself for a more healthy pregnancy.

Seek Medical Opinion

Every woman deals with chemical pregnancies in her own ways. The worst part of chemical pregnancy is the joy and excitement that is immediately followed shock and abject despair on learning of a miscarriage. You need to see a doctor conform the miscarriage. It is not an easy thing to do as a lot of emotional stress is associated with such a shock. A doctor visit is essential to ascertain the hCG levels have returns to the normal count. The hormone, hCG, is detected in a positive pregnancy.

Quick Tips

It is necessary that you ask your doctor about dilatation & curettage (D & C). This is an outpatient procedure that is performed in the hospital on anesthesia. During the process the uterus is dilated and all traces of conception is removed by scraping the lining. The option of doing a D&C is dependant on personal choice but it has some benefits. The cells that are removed will be sent to the chromosomal testing to rule out possibilities of any biological complications. The option of D&C should be exercised by women who had multiple miscarriages.

A woman should wait for at least one menstrual cycle before she makes an attempt to conceive again. Women who have suffered from chemical pregnancy may suffer from bleeding for at least 4 days on an average. But even if the bleeding continues for 12-14 days, there is no need to get panicky. During this time avoid using tampons and do not indulge in sex. Many doctors recommend that you should resume efforts to get pregnant only after 3 menstrual cycles. Your doctor will be the best person to guide you on these mattes; so speak to him without any inhibition and clear all your doubts.

Emotional Readiness

A woman who has suffered from chemical pregnancy needs time to recover emotionally. Before you make any attempt to become pregnant, make sure that you are ready to handle it emotionally. Women who had a miscarriage are always apprehensive that they might have that misfortune again. This constant fear can be very destabilizing so make sure that you are emotionally healthy and strong before you take the plunge once again.

Causes of Chemical Pregnancy

The doctors have been able to point some major causes of chemical pregnancy which are namely Hormonal Deficiencies, genetic problems, uterine fibroids, exposure to radiation and smoking. It is very difficult to detect any signs of chemical pregnancy but it usually occurs around 4 – 6 weeks.