How to Treat Acne During Pregnancy

Occurrence of acne is one of the most common problems during pregnancy but it is possible to treat acne during pregnancy.Acne occurs in pregnancy due to certain changes or imbalances in the hormones.

The hormone progesterone increases during pregnancy
which causes hormonal imbalances and it also makes the oil glands work more causing pimples and acne.

This condition varies from person to person though.Women with extremely clear skin may suffer from acne while some other with average skin may not suffer from acne.Well the good news is with progressing time in pregnancy it will disappear.But if you just want to get rid of acne then you can treat acne during pregnancy by following certain steps.

First of all it is very important to keep your skin clean to treat acne during pregnancy.Use a mild face wash 2-3 times a day followed by toning and moisturizing your skin.This routine will prevent and treat acne during pregnancy.

Do not scrub your face
as it may worsen the acne and also do not prick or pop the acne.Make sure to remove any traces of makeup and wash your face properly before going to bed.This will treat acne during pregnancy.

Make it a point to exercise daily to keep your weight in control and to treat acne during pregnancy.This increases the circulation of blood in the body and gets rid of unnecessary oil and impurities from your skin.Afetr you work out make sure to take shower to get rid of all impurities and to treat acne during pregnancy.

Avoid eating foods that are too oily, spicy ans sweet to treat acne during pregnancy.These tend to trigger acne and worsens the condition.Include a lot of nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.Make it a point to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and treat pregnancy acne.

You can apply a  clay based face pack once a while to treat acne during pregnancy.Application of lemon juice on the affected area also helps some people.You can apply medicated creams containing benzoyl peroxide, etc to treat acne during pregnancy but avoid any kind of oral medicine to treat acne.

If the problem persists in spite of all your efforts then meet
your dermatologist and do the required.It is nothing to worry about as it fades with pregnancy and by following these tips you will be able to treat acne during pregnancy.e during pregnancy.