How to Treat Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

Occurrence 0f hemorrhoids are one of the few other weird symptoms of pregnancy.It mostly occurs during the initial stages of pregnancy and at times later also.But the good news is it would not last after your delivery.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy occurs due to increased blood volume, pressure of enlarged uterus causing increased pressure on rectum.

This increase in pressure can cause lack of blood circulation from lower body causing the veins around uterus to expand.Constipation is known to worsen pregnancy hemorrhoids as it makes you strain more causing the area around anus to swell.

All this might sound scary and yes to an extent it is painful and irritating.But it is possible to treat pregnancy hemorrhoids.These can occur externally and internally, external one being the painful.

You can try a number of ways to treat pregnancy hemorrhoids.Make a paste of baking soda and apply it to the hemorrhoids.It helps reduce the swelling and treats the hemorrhoids with frequent use.

Applying witch hazel on the hemorrhoids with the help of a cotton also helps stop bleeding and subsides swelling.It is available in most pharmacy stores.You can also try medicated hemorrhoid treatment pads to treat pregnancy hemorrhoids.

Applying ice on external hemorrhoids can also help cure hemorrhoids.A number of medicated creams are also available which can cure the swelling and stop bleeding.But you have to be patient while trying all this as it takes time to cure.

Eat food which could be easily digested and stop eating anything that could cause constipation.Avoid caffeine and red meat and also stay away from bad fats, alcohol, etc.Include lot of fibrous food in your diet.Make sure to keep the area hygienic by using wet wipes often or the condition could worsen.

Do not sit all the time.Go for frequent walks to improve your situation.Whenever you sit, be comfortable by placing a pillow or any other comfortable support and sit at one buttock at a time.You can also try some antiseptics herbs to treat pregnancy hemorrhoids.

Make it a point to sleep on your side rather than on your back.Keep your intake of water adequate to prevent constipation.Treat pregnancy hemorrhoids by following all these steps.If your condition does not improve then consult your doctor and take proper medication.