How to Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks

It is impossible to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy but it is possible to treat pregnancy stretch marks.Whatever you do stretch marks will occur during pregnancy but you can certainly reduce its impact by taking certain measures.

Stretch marks occurs when your baby starts growing and you skin also starts loosening too fast at that time.This do fade over with time but you can take certain precautions and reduce its appearance and treat pregnancy stretch marks fast.

To begin with it is very important to keep your weight in check to treat pregnancy stretch marks.If you put on lot of weight then your skin will tend to grow faster causing more stretch marks.If you put on little amount of weight then the stretch marks will also be less.

Indulge in healthy eating
and avoid fatty foods.Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.Keep your intake of vitamins like C, E etc. adequate.This will keep your body as well as skin healthy.

Make it a point to exercise daily to keep your weight in control to treat pregnancy stretch marks.Drink plenty of water and fresh fruits juices too.

It is very important to massage the areas prone to stretch marks to prevent and treat pregnancy stretch marks.You can massage the areas around stomach, thighs, shoulders etc using  jojoba oil, almond oil, or any moisturizing lotion containing cocoa butter or vitamin E etc. of your choice.

Make sure that you massage these areas everyday and keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.Massages increase the circulation of blood and helps improve the skin’s elasticity and also enhances the healing process of the skin.This helps a lot to treat pregnancy stretch marks really fast.

After you are through with your pregnancy you can start using medicated creams as recommended by your doctor to treat pregnancy stretch marks.A number of medicated creams such as retin-A, strivectin etc. are available in pharmaceutical stores to treat pregnancy stretch marks.

But do not use these during your pregnancy as these are meant for post-pregnancy use only.These tips prove very effective to treat pregnancy stretch marks fast.If you wish to get better results or are not finding these tips effective then you can go for cosmetic surgery, laser surgery, microdermabration etc.