How To Understand The Needs Of An Introverted Child

How To Understand The Needs Of An Introverted ChildIt is said that, blessed are the couples who are gifted with kids. But, this is not exactly true always as what matters most is how you will parent you kid. Bad parenting can be so detrimental to the mental and physical growth of a kid that he or she might loose the natural talents too.

On the other hand, good parenting aims at bringing out the best traits in a kid and making him or her more confident in life. Now, the question is, how will you understand if you are providing your kid with the right parenting or not? Your kid might be a bit stubborn by nature. You might not realize this natural trait of your kid and think that he or she is over argumentative. Thus, you might scold your child each and every time.

That will not do any good and will only widen the gap between you and your kid. The logic behind citing this example is to make you realize the fact that what is most crucial factor in parenting is how well you read your child and how efficient are you at knowing your child and his or her specific demands.

So, when parenting itself is a tough job, taking right care of an introvert child is even more challenging. Why is it challenging is because introvert children, by nature, prefer to stay within themselves. They do not like to open up much and suffer too, as a result, when they pass through trauma, anxiety and depression. It is indeed very difficult to decipher their mind. But they do have certain hidden talents as well, which, when subjected to proper guidance, can come to the forefront and get projected.

Reading so far, many of the readers can identify that the traits discussed here resemble quite a lot with their children. Certain more traits will help you to point out more precisely if your kid is introvert or not. If you see that your kid wishes not to interact with everybody or if he or she has only a close knit friend circle and does not has any intension to extend it further, you can categorize your kid as introvert.

You will also see your kid not willing to go to social functions with you or not being able to take active part in school events. It is not because that the child does not study or is not smart. But actually, the kid feels too shy to interact as extrovert children do. Another thing introvert children suffer from is that they cannot express the insult they faced or the sadness they felt.

Thus, many a times you can find your child coming home, being beaten by classmates or bullied just for nothing. The child will not be able to counter such attacks, but will try to find solace at home. Now, the question of right parenting of your introvert kid arises. It is indeed a tough one, but these few steps discussed below, will simplify your responsibilities.

Understand Your Child

Introverted Child

The cardinal concept in effective parenting of introvert child lies in how well you understand your kid. You have to be more a friend with your kid than mere parent. Try to spend more time with your kid and try to delve deep into his or her mind. The kid needs someone to open up to. Be the person on whom your kid can confide with. Even if the child is pained at heart at something or if he or she is passing through phases of depression and mental agony, you will be there to soothe him or her and support the kid whenever necessary.

Never Criticize Them For What They Are

One thing most of the parents do is to compare their kids with others and try to bring out the negative traits in their kids in the process. This is a faulty system of parenting. Never ever think of doing it for an introvert kid. You will have to compensate heavily at the end. Introvert kids have a tendency to digest down everything within them and take everything seriously.

Such criticisms might ever appear to an introvert kid that you do not love him or her, or you might be repenting for having such a kid. This is sure to drive the child to deep frustration and depression. Instead, value his or her ways to look at things. Give importance to the kid’s belief in a close association of chosen few, rather than interacting with each and everybody. Honor your kid and his or her preferences.

Never Force Your Kid

Parents are always worried about their children. This worry gets multiplied at times, when the kids are introvert. Parents get anxious thinking how such children will be able to face the world and fight their ways out, if they remain to be introverts and shy away from the rest of the world. But, believe me, all these anxieties of yours are baseless.

It is foolish to think so deeply about such aspects. Though it is true that most of the people around us are extroverts, but that does not mean that introverts do not survive at all. Actually, life is the best teacher. It teaches everybody how to behave, how to react and how to survive.

So, when an introvert child grows to be an adult, he or she eventually acquires the skills required to face the world. Therefore, forcing an introvert child to become extrovert is basically useless. Neither the kid will be able to change his or her nature, nor will you; parents get what you want, by such a way. Things will only get messed up. So, best way is to allow the kid to grow up naturally, the way he or she is.

Modulate Your Role According to Your Kid’s Behavior

In order to be good parent and be happy to have guided your kid to be a perfect individual, you need to check your steps right from your kid’s tender ages. When you know that your kid is introvert, you might even know that your kid prefers to speak less. Your role will not be to make him or her speak more. But, you should be a silent listener. Again, if your child wishes to stay alone for sometimes, let him or her do so.

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