How To Work During Pregnancy

How To Work During PregnancyMore and more women are becoming career oriented these days and work is of utmost importance to them. Most of them are unwilling to drop their jobs and sit at home in the nine months of pregnancy. Modern women juggle work and family together and are almost always very successful in attaining a good work life balance.

Whilst continuing to work might keep women of today to be on the move and well engaged without stressing out over the intricacies of pregnancy, we must all ask the question as to whether we are allowing our body enough rest when we work?

Women who have a normal pregnancy will not face any problem even when they work late into their pregnancy. But even then, they need to assure themselves that they are entirely safe and have all the right nutrition while they toil in their work places.

Certain sure steps will ensure that you have a safe a healthy pregnancy all the while when you work to your heart’s content. For all those first time mothers who still want to work, here is some sound advice that will help you glide effortlessly through the pregnant months until you have your bundle of joy in hand.

Inform Beforehand to Avoid Last Minute Adjustments

Many women make the mistake of not informing their bosses about their pregnancy early enough so that possible arrangements can be made during their absence. It could be due to a fear of losing their jobs or fear of confronting their bosses with their new status, they almost always put it off until colleagues and bosses start wondering about the weight gain and expanding tummy and it is no longer possible to play hide and seek.

Letting them know in advance is very essential for avoiding confusion and annoyance in the work place. Allowing your boss into your new status will not only allow him enough time to make arrangement for a substitute until you are back. In fact letting him know in advance is a very professional way of dealing with your pregnancy. Your boss as well as your colleagues will appreciate the thought and would definitely want you to continue working for them as much time as you want.

Take Enough Fluids as Your Work

Take Enough Fluids as Your Work

Women who are pregnant would have to visit the wash room way too often. You could get to see quizzical expressions from your male colleagues who do not understand the changes in your body. Never mind! Ignore those stares and continue drinking as much water as you can. You might have heard about urinary tract infections cropping up during pregnancy.

To avoid UTIs and make way for a healthy pregnancy, drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day. Drinking water will also flush out all the toxins from your body and prevent any risk of the baby getting affected. Remember, never to control the urge to urinate as well. Controlling can lead to increased pressure on the womb and during the later stages of pregnancy this is risky. Controlling the urge will also allow bacterial build up and cause UTIs.

You Need Frequent Breaks!

If you are a person who has been working relentlessly without taking breaks, this is the time to slow down. Pregnancy is the time when you get all kinds of aches and pains that you never experienced before.

In order not to aggravate these situations or trigger these symptoms, make sure you take frequent breaks and move around instead of sitting in one position all the time. Get up every 30 minutes and take a 5 minute walk around the office, getting chatty with everyone. Once you are back to your seat, your blood circulation would have improved.

Sit Comfortably While Working

Back pains are very common during pregnancy as the baby is already putting pressure on your back. Do not do anything to aggravate your back. Sit on a comfortable chair with your back straight. You can put a cushion on your back to support it and ease the pain. Long hours of sitting too are not advisable when you have back pain. Get up from your seat and move around as much as possible to release the tension on your back and pelvic muscles.

You can do some stretching exercises as well when you sit. Stretch yourself every half an hour, your dormant hands, legs, neck, shoulders and body need a splurge of energy to relieve the stress and continue working.

Leave Your Feet Elevated

As you advance in pregnancy, you feet will start getting swollen and the pain on your legs and back will disturb you more often. Ensure that you give maximum comfort to your feet while at work. Rotate your feet often to improve circulation.

If you have a cabin, you can think of elevating your legs, to prevent swelling and ease the back as well. A footrest too can be a good option during this time as it allows the legs to be in a resting position with ample support while you sit.

Take Rest When Your Feel Tired

Many a time, pregnancy would leave you tired for no reason. Take a day off and allow yourself the luxury of a good day at home, away from the stress of work. This the time when you have to use up all your holidays which you have not been taking at all when you were hail and hearty.

Start Walking and Climbing Steps at Work

The long hours of sitting will leave you with no exercise for your body, making way for piling on all those calories. Make sure you get back your post pregnancy body slowly, but surely after you deliver. Instead of waiting for the lift to come down, climb those steps as much as you can. Do not wait for your spouse to pick you up or drop you. Start walking as much as you can. This will burn the extra calories you could have consumed while at work and keep your bones and muscles flexible without body aches and pains.


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