Husband Role During Delivery

Support is one major thing that a woman wants and awaits during she goes through her labour pains. She struggles during this stage in her life and it is her husband’s support that she needs the utmost.A woman becomes a mother ever since she gets to know that she is pregnant but because all the pain is taken by a woman, it does not aloof the husband from all the pre delivery excitement and nervousness.

Here, a father’s role comes in. Being a father brings a lot of responsibility but before you become a father, you have to justify your role of a good husband by being with your wife all the time through out her pregnancy. However, it is during her labour pains that she needs you the most.

Along with your wife, you also need to be ready for “d” day. You can always consult and discuss with your friends about their similar experience and about how you can comfort and help your wife with the pains. Or may be you can read books about it or you may watch videos where you can see similar situations and you’ll know doing what will help your wife.

Even though you cannot be sure about how your wife’s delivery will be like as every such experience is a different one, you should know the basic things like the three stages of labour and what is required when. During the initial stage, your wife will experience increased contractions and you should be by her side to divert her and keep her involved into other things. Once the pains increase and she almost ready for the delivery, she would suffer acute pain in her back as the muscles are exerted, a good massage and rubbing of the back will surely help her.

During the delivery, make sure you hold her hand tight and keep talking to her. The whole process is really exhausting and the mother tends to loose breath, keep reminding her to continue breathing and encourage her. Keep telling her that this pain is soon to end and the baby is coming. The thought of taking the baby in her hands will relieve the mother from half the pain. Also seeing you by her side, she will not feel estranged to the entire atmosphere. She’ll feel safe and confident to have you with her during one of the most difficult time of her life.

Once the baby comes out and you hold him in you hands, you will feel the same joy as you were completely involved in the process. It surely is the proudest and happiest moment in every father’s life along with the mother.